Change of personal priorities in lockdown

It’s the same for me on Internet and car, but different for me on others.

Coffee is of zero importance, and sweatpants close to zero.

I’m dressing more casually but still tidily, and have kept to my normal workday routine of shower, shave and getting dressed before normal starting time for work.

I’m available for work earlier and later in the day and have no time away during the day so work is of equal importance but with more time available (but I’m having to look for catching up on tasks that have been a low priority in the past.


Coffee in English

I’ve never been a coffee drinker so have never taken much notice of all the names for ground roasted coffee beans, water and sometimes milk.

So this is an informative translation.


I’ve never liked coffee, or coffee flavoured things like cakes and chocolates – except once, on a set menu I had an expresso in a restaurant in Venice and really quite enjoyed it. May have been stronger plus heaps of sugar that made a difference.




More on the non-coffee story

Yesterday Lauda Finem tweeted:

@lprent @GregPresland We hear from @PeteDGeorge that you both do coffee a lot with @danylmc, how sweet, is he a corrupt Stalinist as well?

As I said then I have never said anything liken that. And the only way Lauda Finem ‘hear from’ me is online, they obviously read posts here and there’s been some exchanges on Twitter. All very much in the open.

After stating this was false on Twitter Lauda Finem responded:

Making things up @PeteDGeorge? Try humour! You criticised false allegations made by @danylmc , allegations mirroring false claims by @IPrent

I’ve had enough of people lately making false claims and then trying to excuse it as ‘humour’. Maybe LF were fishing but they shouldn’t use me dishonestly for that. Maybe they were trying to dump on me for criticising them. Maybe a bit of both.

Prentice, Mclauchlan and Presland responded on Twitter.

Never met danyl. Been meaning to for about 5 years. LF bros lying just as they usually do.

I muted the LF clowns a while back; also eager to meet for coffee next time you’re in Wgtn

Whenever you are in Auckland @danylmc you and @lprent and I can have our inaugural coffee together or separate

Prentice also responded here.

I’ve never met Danyl, although it has been marked down for a while as something to do when I’m in Wellington for long enough. But the last couple of times have been for political conferences while being a media bod. I usually wind up talking to politicians, staffers and activists during them and afterwards. Not much socialising.

We have exchanged the odd email over the years.

I’ve no reason to not believe that they have never had coffee together. They live in different cities and are associated with quite different politics

Mclauchlan lives in Wellington and is deep in Green intellectual circles there. He helped James Shaw in his successful leadership bid. Prentice and Presland live in Auckland and are associated with ‘the labour movement’ – this largely seems to be a faction of largely Labour party interests – and they don’t come across as intellectuals.

Of course there’s other ways of communicating but I doubt if there is much between them.

Standards @lprent is the source of the @danylmc false allegations, it’s that simple @PeteDGeorge,

That doesn’t require a meeting, coffee or not. I doubt that it’s uncommon for bloggers with a common interest to communicate remotely (the Internet is quite useful for that) but it’s also not common for non-associated bloggers to run similar lines, especially when they have common enemies.

Lauda Finem, Prentice and Presland continued scrapping on Twitter, with Prentice counter-attacking with “Accuracy isn’t part of the Nottingham thing” and he has launched into more accusations about who he things runs LF.

There’s little difference with Prentice’s proof-less accusations about LF/Slater and Slater’s proof-less claims that The Standard is a Labour Party blog, an accusation that Prentice keeps getting upset about. Slater and Prentice can be as bad as each other.

LF also tweeted:

@PeteDGeorge would have to be New Zealand’s most obsessive blogger.. … I am so glad that this political fool isn’t in Auckland”-@IPrent

I don’t know where they found that comment but it sounds typical Prentice, but it shows his ignorance of how the Internet can break down geographical barriers. No coffee meetings required.

We’ll see who looks the biggest political fool as the Rawshark/Rachinger/Slater story unravels Lynn.

Lauda Finem making things up

A tweet appeared from @LaudaFinem overnight.

@lprent @GregPresland We hear from @PeteDGeorge that you both do coffee a lot with @danylmc, how sweet, is he a corrupt Stalinist as well?

That’s false. I have never said anything like this to anyone.

I have no idea if Danyl has had coffee ever with Lynn or Greg, or if they have how often.

As far as I’m aware Danyl lives in Wellington and the others live in Auckland so doing coffee a lot seems unlikely.