‘As if we are in opposing WW1 trenches’

This statement appeared in the early hours on another blog:

“Talking to each other can be a lot more than shouting from established positions, as if we are in opposing WW1 trenches.”

Thanks to those who choose to contribute here I don’t think this applies much at all here at Your NZ.

But shouting from established positions is common on other political blogs. People with differing views seem to be viewed as arch enemies, and the only option in their arsenal is to mow opinions down with withering bursts of abuse.

This is unfortunate because it results in a cacophony of noise that frequently drowns out the worthwhile pockets of discussion that pop up from time to time.

Some blog regulars would probably bitterly fight over the suggestion of a Christmas truce.

Adults behaving badly seems to be the norm on some blogs, and is common in other forums like Facebook and Twitter.

Why does destructive animosity dominate political discussion?

There seems to be a hard core of political combatants who see online forums as an outlet for their frustrations, but they never work out that what they do just keeps kindling those frustrations.

Thanks to Your NZ contributors who come here who are able to allow people with alternate opinions to voice them without risk of someone trying to bomb them out of existence.