On guest posts

From time to time I’ve said that guest posts are welcome here. Just email me ideas, links or fully written posts. It’s quite a different level to commenting, but I have always encouraged diversity of information and opinion, whether it be via comment or post. Sometimes I post things here that I don’t agree with but that I think will encourage a good discussion.

Some thoughts on this from Gezza:

Corky / 22nd May 2020

… To be fair [new National leader Todd Muller’s maiden speech after election to Parliament] was a good speech…not that I’m any expert on maiden speeches. Too soft and accommodating for my liking. I can get all that stuff from Labour. I want National to be hard; uncompromising and forward thinking…not inclusive. We have had the bs inclusive approach for over 30 years…has it been a success?

Gezza / 22nd May 2020

Ah yes, but the thing is, being truly inclusive as a leader can or should also mean disciplining those who harm that inclusivity with anti-social & anti-inclusive behaviours.
PS: Define “forward thinking” please. No idea what you think that means at the moment. Very vague.

Corky / 22nd May 2020

”Define “forward thinking” please. No idea what you think that means at the moment. Very vague.”

Not really. Forward is the opposite of back or behind. So, if we move forward in the political sense, what has been left behind?

  1. Maori bs.
  2. Weak policing ( corrupt policing?)
  3. Marxist education.
  4. Moronic Covid legislation and rules.
  5. Immigration issues.
  6. Woman’s Affairs. Race Relations Office…and other quangos I forget.

Have no fear, though. It will be business as usual with Muller. Maybe a few tweaks, here and there. The test of his mettle will be when he pisses liberals off.”

Thanks for that, Corky. Straight up, honest, & to the point response. I think those are all very valid “hot button” issues that are directly relevant, & important, to New Zealand’s political & social scene, to voters, & to all governments’ policy settings.

Thinking about them, I’d say most – maybe all – of those “headliners”, each encapsulates a broad range of related sub-issues – which is probably why simplistic solutions such as “getting rid of them” hasn’t been just been “done & dusted” by any goverment, despite them nearly always being high on the political agenda. (But you have expanded on some of those in more detail in past debates which are now yesterday’s ‘fish & chip paper’.)

Meaty stuff in all those for possible future blog debates. Who knows? We might both even be surprised at some shared views on some of them.

If PG’s happy to accommodate me, & I get some time & headspace for it, I might have a go over the next few days or weeks at knocking up some posts on some of those topics, to see what others have to say about the unavoidable sub-issues they raise.

Or perhaps even you might like to? Your writing’s certainly up to it.

No one here seriously expects literary or journalistic excellence.

PG’s frequently said he’s willing to host guest posts, but very few contributors have shown the gonads or commitment to do substantive posts, preferring instead to just pop a comment here and there into Open Forums that sometimes get overly long & convoluted, broken up & peppered with unrelated discussions; to just post links to where others have done their thinking for them; or some to just snipe occasional riddles or BB rounds they think are RPGs from the sidelines & then run away again.

You or anyone else can either email guest posts to him, or post a substantial (not necessarily long) <i>Comment</i> in Open Forum & he can lift it & turn it into a post – either off his own bat, or in response to a timely email – as he’s done with many of Missy’s “London Correspondent” reports- & occasionally with others’ hoped-for thought-provoking efforts.

The guy virtually has to carry this small but mighty blog on his own. I dunno how on earth he does it, day after day, year after year. I couldn’t find the energy. He’s something special in that respect.

But I reckon we regulars who take advantage of his hospitality & generosity could do more to contribute post contributions & make YNZ broader & discussions more focussed. There are some good thinkers here. They influence my own views & I welcome their contributions as I’ll never have all the answers & nearly always mull over new information or cogent arguments. We probably all should.”