After the frosts some snow

The last week in the south has been wintry, with frosts just about everywhere, including hoar frosts in Central Otago – some great photos of that here:

After the calm there’s storm, or at least a brief blast from the south.

The Crown Range web cam is a go to these days to find some snow on a road:

That’s over a 1.000 meters so not surprising to see snow there in southerly storms. The Desert Road in the North Island gets to about the same altitude so could get a dump as the storm goes north.

This morning in Dunedin there’s no sign of snow on the ground here at 100 metres, so i should get to work ok unless it comes in late, but there’s a smattering at 150 metres in Roslyn:

That means the Northern Motorway is likely to be closed for a while, and the hill suburbs will have a late start this morning – Wakari is at 220 metres and Brockville 300 metres – my granddaughter will likely be having some fun today at home.

It looks similar in Queenstown (about 300 metres):

But this looks fairly light and it is forecast to be brief, so winter life will go on as normal.