In a way this is a difficult post because it’s about someone who at times has made a good contribution here. Most of the time. But there’s been an obvious agenda that kept surfacing.

And that agenda surfaced yesterday. I posted Lies about Blomfield because of an apparently coincidental dig at me here on Sunday night about the same time as a (typical) blatant lie by @laudafinem on Twitter the same topic.

And DaveG reacted to the post with indignation, claiming I had accused him of lying (I hadn’t, that was directed at @laudafunem)) and saying adios (repeatedly through the day). But in the course of bidding farewell DaveG said a few things that could well be very deliberate lies.

Here’s a few statements:

“… perhaps you should call Otis, and arrange a long Chat.  To repeat what I said last night I have not ever met LF, nor am I working for them.”

That might depend on what ‘LF’ defines. And while I think I have probably come across the name ‘Otis’ before I had forgotten about it. It is apparently the nickname that friends of Warren Powell call him.

“I as I have stated several times I have never met Slater, [Deleted as per court order], any of the LF crew, and have no association with any of them.

“Otis is one of the Key people in Blomfields past, nice guy too, or so I am told as I have never met him, never had any communications with him at all.”

“And PS Pete. You say Lies – that is a grossly misleading comment. ”

“What i stated, was my impression – it is NOT lies. You keep asking others for proof etc, so where is your proof I lied – Where Pete?”

“If you dont know who Otis is, you have not gone back very far, and that means you have missed a lot of the saga, the history, and without history, you cant look at this properly”

“I did not make a false claim Pete, and again, if you didnt know who Otis was, you do not know the full story – at all. You have clearly showed bias right there, you are unable to show i have mislead or lied.”

“I highly reccomend a book on Phychopaths, and a quote from a leading expert on Physopaths and behavoiurs…… “If you’re able to con someone, that’s their problem. They deserve it”

That was not the normal DaveG, it was quite an outpouring that raised some warning signals. The denials of familiarity with certain people alongside confusing messages that suggested familiarity.

And there was another related issue on another post Disgraceful dismissal of disgraceful behaviour where I criticised DaveG for minimising a despicable attack on ‘Mike C’ by Lauda Finem.

(FYI I dont agree with everyhting LF writes, the piece on MikeC’s real name and family was not needed, but will quickly be forgotten as time passes)

DaveG went on to defend Cameron Slater (Mike C claims Slater or  associates must have passed information on to Lauda Finem) and he also defended the Lauda Finem post and further minimised it.

“Ther eis nothing outrageous in the post by LF, not kiddy fiddling, murders, major con artists, etcetc. Just someone using a few identities who is talented enough to be in a show / musical.”

He repeated this and said quite a bit more. One of his last comments:

Most are nice people, sharing a view, others are controlling, some seem to have PeteG doing it for them, i.e every time i mention Bloomfield, this makes me question WHY. I believe, never look at the smoke, look under the flames, who is stoking the fire, who started it, and why. Look for this with Bloomfield and with Ben – WHY. But, also with LF. I was never treated like this at WO. I have said enough, good luck, thank you, and farewell 🙂

Another accusation that people have me “doing it for them” and DaveG keeps repeating Blomfield, an obsession since he started commenting here.  And the ironic “look under the flames, who is stoking the fire”.

As it turns out a different fire was stoked today on Twitter.


David, Slater and Lauda Finem had a familiar ring to it.

A testy exchange ensued between this David and a number of journalists, who were obviously upset.

Vance was annoyed enough to do some investigating.



It turns out that David @HolmesPD associates quite a bit with @laudafinem and also follows and associates with [Deleted as per court order] .

I did a bit more simple investigating that any journalist could have done and this produced sufficient evidence to, I believe, strongly link this David to DaveG.

And it turns out that David Holdsworth probably knows ‘Otis’ Powell and [Deleted as per court order] quite well, and will have met them probably more than a few times.

And DaveG has often repeated very similar attacks on Matthew Blomfield that [Deleted as per court order] has. There’s plenty of evidence of this. One of his first comments here:

I have spent 15 years observing MB from a distance, he is a Vulture and an absolute C artist. Is it any wonder his associates and partners at Hell and other ventures want nothing to do with him. And lets not forget, Bloomfield has effectively silenced Slater with his Court orders, but a message to Matt, one day it will come out, one day, yes all of it.

If things keep being brought up then there is a chance things will come out one day, but not necessarily the things one wants to come out Dave.

If this is all largely true then DaveG has a bit of explaining to do. And some apologising not just to me but to the others here he would have been deceiving. Especially I think apologies to Mike C would be warranted.