Stupid proposal: permanent ‘daylight saving’

A campaign to abolish daylight saving and replace it with a permanent change to summer time has been getting some media attention.

Daylight savings clock changes are disruptive, unnatural, and unnecessary. Let’s simplify, by adopting permanent ‘summer hours’.

I think it’s a stupid idea, but fortunately: Little political appetite for abolishing daylight saving time (Stuff):

AΒ  movement to abolish daylight saving time appears very unlikely to succeed as political parties across the spectrum remain wedded to the system.

Louis Houlbrooke, chief executive and founder of Take Back The Clocks, said the twice yearly changes disruptedΒ people’s sleep, were unnatural, and made international business much more complicated.

“They cause disruption and inconvenience to people’s lives in a trivial sense but also in more serious ways with tired drivers and the impact on dairy cows.”

I’m not sure how it has any affect on tired drivers.

I look forward to daylight saving. I think that many people enjoy the benefits of longer daylight in the evenings.

He suggested moving New Zealand to permanent “summer hours” – the change in late September that leads to sunnier evenings and darker mornings.

That’s the most stupid part of the proposal.

We have just changed to daylight saving and it still gets light by 7 am (it’s starting to get light at 6 am).

Current sunrise times in winter (end of June):

  • Auckland 7:34 am
  • Wellington 7:47 am
  • Christchurch 8:03 am
  • Dunedin 8:20 am
  • Invercargill 8:30 am

Permanent summer hours would mean sunrise after 9 am in the South Island. There’s a reason why our winter hours are as they are. to get a good balance between sunrise and sunset (currently about 5 pm in the winter in the south).

The campaign on Twitter seems to be a spoof anyway. Like:


Earlier last month:

I only see one clown:

I doubt that The taxpayers’ Union will back his lame brained idea, it would raise costs, not lower them.

Backward politics

I don’t know if this is part of the official Labour Party feud with the Maori Party, or one Labour candidate being nasty. Tamati Coffey:


Coffey is Labour’s candidate for the Maori electorate Waiariki this year:


My name is Tamati Coffey and I am the Labour Candidate for Waiariki electorate in 2017. Authorised by Andrew Kirton, 160 Willis St, Wellington.

I don’t know of Kirton authorised his backward swipe at his opponent via that same Facebook account.

Coffey will be standing against Te Ururoa Flavell in Waiariki, who won against a different Labour candidate by 3,889 votes in 2014, with Mana’s Annette Sykes a close third about 350 votes back.

Mana won’t stand this year in an agreement with the Maori party so Coffey will have to do something extraordinary this year to stand a chance. Playing the backward card is unlikely to help his chances in the electorate. It will be interesting to see what sort of list position Labour give him – reward or not.