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This group is a dedicated platform for a variety of issues, ideas and platforms relating to

  • Connecting people involved in permiculture and sustainable living projects
  • Promoting abstaining from involvement in corporate monopolisms (purchasing goods from, or otherwise supporting corporations)
  • Discussing the globalist/corporatocracys centralization of power and resources, and the compromised nature of the political system
  • Unveiling political corruption, providing attention and awareness to social movements and activism that benifit the people

For the people, by the people. Dedicated to advancing the platform for social reform, holding any and all representatives accountable, and making our voices heard. Members are encouraged to contribute and share this group between likeminded individuals.

There is growing interest in various things sustainable these days, and we should certainly be looking at how we can continue to exist on our planet without exhausting it’s resources.

One of their posts:

Perception deception

There is a manipulation of our perceptions of reality taking place on a grand scale. This is conducted by a group or establishment of power, infecting all corners of society. Everything is a energy frequency, sound, light, vibrations, energy, symbols etc. it is all information- ‘in form’. This information can be distorted in a variety of ways. The human mind accesses a tiny band of frequencies, we can only perceive less than 1% of all visible light! Ask yourself, can I see everything in the environment around me, if the answer is yes can you see the radio, T.V, WiFi U.V, infrared, radioactive, radar, X-ray frequcines etc. These vibrational frequencies exist whether you are tuned into them or not. The way we interpret reality therefore can easily be distorted from the ‘natural order’. The type of perception deception I am referring to is a technique utilised by a structure of power to maintain control, and influence opinions and actions. This deception can be observed through government, media, finance, banks, corporations, military’s, education, modern medicine, royalty and the top % of the elite wealth system and the control of most natural resources. So why am I writing about this?

Humans are like sheep. Except we are worse because we do not need a sheepdog to keep ourselves in line. We use an invisible pen of social norms to keep each other in. By ridiculing those who leave the pen keeping them in fear of ridicule and condemnation, worrying about what everyone else thinks. How is this relevant to the world today?

We are born into a system where we are taught power comes from authority and we are rewarded for our compliance and our ability to recite a curriculum of education. We are largely trained to be left brained, logical, and our intellect is based on our physical world view. Rather than a diverse use of both the left and right sides of the brain. The right side of which is related to accessing a higher dimension of self, inspiration, unconditional love, and our artistic nature. So our ability to be free and creative thinkers is suppressed.

Society is fractured and our lives are compartmentalised. There is no integrated approach to living, that suits us all. As I write this, inequality is rampant, and over a billion people are starving worldwide. 1 in 5 children under 5 die every year that’s 1.7 million from indoor and outdoor pollution. The U.S has seven interventions going on including special ops, boots on the ground, drone strikes and full on invasions (In countries that didn’t attack them). They spend over 55% of their annual discretionary spending on the military, and have over 800 military bases worldwide. With the most spent on a military worldwide in all of history, spending 9x as much on their military as the next world nation. Yet they have over a trillion dollars in student loan debt, have a failing infrastructure with a grade of D, no universal healthcare and a crumbling class structure. The majority of print media and media you consume today is owned by 6 corporations. By controlling this gigantic propoganda machine the elites have influenced us to become disconnected from each other and the environment and as such we are easily distracted to irrelevant topics and issues such as terrorism and racism.


Human opinion is manipulated using a variety of system such as media, education, politics and police to influence us toward being receptive to certain hidden agendas. So things like the Iraq war can basically be instigated with societies ‘permission’. ‘They’ rely on the control of our perceptions to maintain power, keep us living in fear and to implement their agendas.

The generational system of control and power that I am referring to has been in control for tens, maybe hundreds of years. It gives us the illusion of choice. Our political system is a skeleton that puts on a different mask on voting day giving the illusion of change. There is a growing illusion of freedom of expression and movement.

This system can be quantified as capitalism>socialism and socialism for the rich. Crony capitalism that puts profits over people and the environment, and corporatism that controls the state. Corporatism that is by nature engineered to produce bulk profit. It has by this nature evolved into a cartel of extorting the 99% almost like a resource such as agriculture.

To fight this Goliath that seems so powerful we must realise it is a reflection of ourselves. We need to separate ourselves from materialism. We need to stop looking outside for happiness and take a deep step inside ourselves. We need to explore the non-physical. Individually we must understand the power of intention. Our intention is what we do, it determines the result of our actions. Change the intention change the result. If we intend to pollute the environment, we will have a polluted environment. If we intend to cause harm on to others, that will manifest into reality. We must realise that for us to remain under the control of this system it is crucial that we are kept divided. The man made concepts such as race, political beliefs, religion, class, are ideological lenses that lower our conscious awareness of existence. So it is an inner fight. Personally I recognise myself as consciousness having an experience and I try not to identify with man made concepts.

We have had the power all along, we just forgot. It’s time to wake up, get engaged, have our voices heard and drop the divisions of mankind we have imprisoned ourselves within, raise our level of consciousness and be the creators of our own reality, and not the sufferers of a manipulated one.

People over profits, get engaged.

Rachinger pleads guilty

Ben Rachinger was due to start a scheduled five day trial today in the Slater/Standard hacking case, but has instead entered a guilty plea.

Stuff: Former Whale Oil associate Ben Rachinger admits deception charge

Benjamin Rachinger, 28, appeared in the Manukau District Court on Monday for what was supposed to be his judge-alone trial on a charge of obtaining money from Slater.

Instead Rachinger pleaded guilty to the charge and a sentencing date was set for March next year.

Earlier this year Slater completed diversion after admitting he hired Rachinger, an IT worker, to break into The Standard blog site.

No hack actually took place.

The charges against the pair came after Rachinger made public claims in January 2015 that he had been paid to hack The Standard, sparking a police investigation.

The sentencing will be interesting. Rachinger had claimed he had been also acting as a police informant. Slater was controversially granted diversion for the part he played in this despite previous convictions.

Lynn Prentice has posted on this prior to the guilty plea: Whaleoil and Rachinger – the final chapter starts

UPDATE:More details from Newshub: Slater-hired hacker pleads guilty to fraud (it wasn’t fraud, it was ‘obtaining be deception’).

IT consultant Ben Rachinger, 28, was hired by Mr Slater to hack into left-wing website The Standard, with the aim of embarrassing the Labour Party.

Mr Rachinger was paid $1000 by Mr Slater, but never carried out the hack they discussed. Instead he blew the whistle to TV3’s The Nation, telling the programme he was asked by Mr Slater to figure out who The Standard’s contributors were and record their IP and email addresses.

Police alleged Mr Rachinger never intended to follow through with the promise he made to Slater. He was charged with obtaining $1000 by deception for saying he could and would hack the site.

A summary of facts shows Mr Slater believed Labour politicians were writing for The Standard and posting their views anonymously online.

He offered Rachinger $5000 – paying him $1000 up front – believing the hack on The Standard’s servers would uncover evidence of links to Labour.

Mr Slater admitted his part in the plot and was discharged without conviction in May.

Mr Rachinger is also seeking a discharge without conviction, and told Newshub outside court he’s looking forward to the chance to put the matter behind him.