The Gloriavale application for Regional Development funds

With $3 billion on offer from the Regional Economic Development fund over three years there must be many lining up with their hands out in hope of benefiting.

One application for funds has received special attention –  Gloriavale seeking millions of taxpayer dollars to set up new health food enterprise

Controversial religious sect Gloriavale is applying for millions of taxpayer dollars through the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund.

1 NEWS has revealed Gloriavale’s leaders are looking to set up a new health food enterprise on the West Coast, and they want the public to fund it.

It is an application only. It has not been granted. So some of the political jumping up and down is premature.

Gloriavale’s application to the $3 billion fund is already on the radar of Shane Jones, Regional Economic Development Minister.

“I wouldn’t want to knock out any particular application till we had all the facts. But the reality is that particular organisation does represent something of a morality play,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones said he’s not surprised that “we will get from time to time applications where we’ll have to be very, very sensitive”.

The Government says it will consider the application in good faith.

But it will also take into account Gloriavale’s reputation with the public whose money it’s now asking for.

I think that the Government has to properly consider any application.

There’s no point in getting concerned at this stage.