The Standard has some self awareness?

The Standard has a Daily Review Post, and end of day open forum:

Daily review is also your post.

This provides Standarnistas the opportunity to review events of the day.  The usual rules of good behaviour apply (see the Policy).

Don’t forget to be kind to each other.

I doubt that lprent came up with that last paragraph.

But does someone at The Standard (whoever put up yesterday’s Daily Review) have some awareness? A sense of self-depracating humour? This was included in the post:

A few Standard regulars are typical ‘Dicks’. They are not likely to recognise themselves in this though perhaps ick should have had a red teeshirt.

Some at The Standard would prefer less ridicicule, less anger, less morons, but they get overshadowed by the noisy minority of Dicks.

Dilbert and the Electoral Commission


Hat tip to Bunji at The Standard

There’s been some misunderstanding about what United Future tried to get the Electoral Commission to accept as proof of membership.

Peter Dunne explained on The Nation:

Rachel You say it’s pedantic, but it’s also, it’s necessary isn’t it to see those signed membership forms, spreadsheets for example are too open to manipulation.

Peter What we have produced for the Commission, and the Commission acknowledges funnily enough as accurate and correct, is a form in respect of each individual member that shows name address, electorate, contact points etc, when they paid, how they paid and the receipting process for that payment, and the Electoral Commission says, yes but we still want a signature. We accept that this is accurate and verifiable, but we still need a signature. And I say come on this is the 21st century, most people are used to doing online transactions, that’s all we’ve simply done, and they are the ones sticking in the mud.