Covid-19 daily update – now 102 cases

From today’s Ministry of Health update (why do they keep changing the time?) from Doctor Ashley Bloomfield:

36 new cases today, so it has shot up, looks like we are on the exponential curve.

Over half directly related to overseas travel.

Most of the remaining cases are close contacts of previously identified cases.

The source in two cases cannot be determined so community transfer can’t be ruled out. One is in Auckland, one in the Wairarapa.

Total confirmed now is 102.

The Prime Minister will be talking about the alert level in the next hour or so, so more updates to come. It is expected to be ‘a major announcement’.

Jacinda Ardern: Confirms new 2 cases can’t be traced which means there is community transmission.

Effective immediately we are moving to Alert Level 3.

In 48 hours we will move to Alert Level 4.

“We are now preparing as a nation to go into self-isolation”.

Schools will be closed from tomorrow, except for children of essential workers like doctors and nurses.

Ministry of health update – now 67 confirmed cases

The daily update from Doctor Ashley Bloomfield from the Ministry of Health.

14 new cases, making a total of 67 cases, including 4 probable cases. Total tests to date over 6000.

Most new cases are in the North Island –  5 confirmed cases in Auckland, one in Northland, one in Canterbury, two in New Plymouth, two in Waikato including one in Hamilton, one in Tauranga, one in the Coromandel – but one in Dunedin. 11 are linked to travel.

Two cases from yesterday still can’t rule out community transfer as no link to recent travel have been identified.

The alert level remains at level 2.

People over 70 are being urged to stay at home, and to not have visitors.

A staff member at a rest home and respite care facility, Ellerslie Gardens, in Auckland has tested positive for COVID 19 but the Minisftry isn’t concerned as the appropriate steps have been taken.

Ministry of Health:

Some quick facts on COVID-19 testing in New Zealand:

  • Your GP or medical practitioner will decide whether you need a test.
  • At the moment, we are usually just testing people who fit the case definition, so if you don’t have symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever and shortness of breath), you won’t be tested.
  • We have run thousands of tests so far and the vast majority have come back negative.
  • To date, labs in New Zealand have completed over 1,100 tests in a day, and capacity is rising.