Crime down through lockdown, mental health, self harm, domestic harm at ‘usual levels’

In a media conference today Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said that through the Level 4 lockdown has been a decrease in crime involving assaults, road policing and theft,

From RNZ: ‘We need to continue to stick to the rules’ – Police Commissioner

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster says police have dealt with 4452 breaches since the lockdown began, including 423 in the past 24 hours.

There have been 477 prosecutions, 3844 warnings, 131 youth referrals during the level 4 lockdown

Coster said over the course of level 4 there had been a decrease in crime in the area of assaults, road policing and theft.

Family harm incidents saw a rise in the first few days but this has dropped back to usual levels. Police had been focusing on this area, he said

Police data on mental health situations had remained the same, but Coster said that did not mean people were not suffering.

It’s fairly obvious why assaults in public, thefts and road offences will be down.

It wasn’t a surprise to see domestic assaults increase intially under lockdown, but good to see that they have settled back to ‘usual levels’ (which are still far too high but at least things don’t seem any worse now).

More detail from today’s Covid newsletter:

Police Commissioner Andy Coster today said that since the Covid-19 Alert Level 4, Police has recorded:

  • 4,452 breaches of CDEM or Health Act;
  • 423 of these were in the past 24 hours (to 6pm);
  • 477 prosecutions, 3,844 warnings, 131 youth referrals;
  • 2,989 reassurance checks at essential facilities 20-22 April;
  • Over that same period, 3,144 patrols were completed; and
  • Police have recorded more than 55,000 reports from the public about breaches.