Dangerous holiday driving

Holiday traffic causes many problems, of course especially for families of people killed and badly injured in accidents.

What we get is a big change in traffic patterns, and also a change in driver mindsets and behaviour.

Redditt: The worst driving I see is from impatient drivers behind slow traffic making bad overtaking decisions. Who agrees that peppering the highways with these signs could help the growing road toll in NZ?

Dangerous passing is the sole responsibility of drivers who do it, regardless of how frustrated they may be with slow drivers. But slow drivers are also a problem – and the worst are those who drive slowly until a passing lane or passing opportunity and then speed up. I saw minor examples of this on the road yesterday.


When being over taken, the safest and most sensible thing to do is to tap on the brake a few times to allow the other car to overtake quickly and cleanly.

Have frequently experienced slow driver do the exact opposite, and accelerate in and apparent attempt to prevent overtaking. Such immaturity or incompetence while driving is extremely dangerous. Such drivers really need to be hit with large fines and a significant amount of demerit points.

Your idea for signs might help, but like already mentioned. The problem drivers have a serious attitude problem so would likely ignore them. They need to be hit in the wallet or even gotten off the road entirely.

But those who drive too fast or dangerously are the biggest problem, and they can’t use slow drivers as an excuse.

I was driving up Stuart Street in Dunedin a few days ago in the right hand lane – I needed to split right so needed to be there. I was following a car, and another car was moving up inside me, but we were all travelling at about 50 kph.

Another car came up inside me and as soon as there was a bare minimum gap cut across in front of me – he was about 1 metre clear of me and the other car in the left lane. He then tail gated the car in front al the way up and ov er the extension, until the lanes split and he turned off into a KFC drive through. I suspect it wasn’t an emergency.

Inconsiderate slow drivers may frustrate others into making poor decision, but aggressive and impatient drivers pose the greater risk.

Make love, not text

Put your passengers first. Drive Phone Free


This is quite funny. I don’t know if it will be effective.

I haven’t seen it anywhere else. – seen via Facebook: Daily Telegraph

VIDEO: New Zealand’s awkward anti-texting driver campaign could be a winner.
Credit: YouTube/NZ Transport Agency.