Trump is a brat and the world is his sandpit

President Donald is inconsistent, unpredictable and seems to react to influence from his children, what he sees on television, and has an intolerance of feeling pushed around or found to be wrong.

What he says cannot be taken as a fixed view or position on anything.

RealClear politics: Trump: “We’re Not Going Into Syria”

In an interview Wednesday morning, President Trump promised that “we are not going into Syria,” but said that he will respond if Assad continues to use weapons of mass destruction. He also warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that he is backing the wrong guy.

“We’re not going into Syria,” Trump told Maria Bartiromo during an exclusive interview on FOX Business. “But when I see people using horrible, horrible chemical weapons… and see these beautiful kids that are dead in their father’s arms, or you see kids gasping for life… when you see that, I immediately called General Mattis.”

“What I did should have been done by the Obama administration a long time before I did it,” Trump also said. “I think Syria would be a lot better off right now than it has been.”

“If Russia didn’t go in and back this animal [Assad], you wouldn’t have a problem right now,” Trump said later:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Putin is backing a person thatis truly an evil person, and I think it is very bad for Russia, it is very bad for mankind, it is very bad for this world. But when you drop gas, or bombs, or barrel bombs — they have these massive barrels with dynamite and they drop them right in the middle of a group of people. And in all fairness, you see the same kids with no arms, no legs, no face. This is an animal.

What Trump says here should be taken with a sack of salt.

He had condemned Obama for considering actions in Syria and warned him it would be nothing but trouble for the US if they intervened.

It is very ironic that Trump even seems to be raging against dropping bombs and ‘dynamite’.  Civilian deaths in Syria are reported to have risen significantly since Trump became president.

And the missile attack that Trump ordered last week was ‘influenced’ by his daughter’s outrage.

Stuff: ‘Outraged’ Ivanka influenced Donald Trump’s decision to strike Syria, Eric Trump says

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters at his daily press briefing on Wednesday that “there is no question that” Ivanka Trump and others “weighed into him” on the decision.

The president’s son, Eric Trump, told The Daily Telegraph in an interview that the president had been influenced by his sister’s reaction to the gas attack that killed dozens last week.

Eric Trump said his sister was “heartbroken and outraged” by the attack.

So what if Ivanka is heartbroken by something else she sees on TV and influences her father again?

Eric Trump told the Telegraph his father’s decision to attack Syria proved that he is not in league with Russia and will not be “pushed around” by Vladimir Putin.

“If they disrespect us and if they cross us, fine. There will be no one harder – he has got more backbone than anybody. We’re no worse off than we were before. Maybe we’re finding that we can’t be.”

Asked about Putin’s threats of military escalation over Syria, he told the Telegraph his father was not easily intimidated. “I can tell you he is tough and he won’t be pushed around. The cards will shake out the way they do, but he’s tough.”

So if Ivanka becomes outraged and Trump feels pushed around by Putin it seems that anything could happen, as long as it doesn’t involve chemical weapons or dynamite.

Trump is a brat and the world is his sandpit.