Panama papers – Brazilian politician

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Brazilian politician used NZ company to hide wealth (audio)

Disgraced Brazilian politician Eduardo Cunha has used a New Zealand company to hide his wealth in secret bank accounts, in the latest from the Panama Papers investigation.

Disgraced Brazilian politician hid money through NZ firm

A controversial and disgraced prominent Brazilian politician accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes used a New Zealand company as part of a complex arrangement to hide his wealth in secret bank accounts.

Eduardo Cunha, the suspended speaker of Brazil’s lower house of Congress, used a New Zealand trust company run by people featuring prominently in the Panama Papers and tax haven organiser Mossack Fonseca, to hide millions of dollars in bribes involving the state-run oil company Petrobras.

Mr Cunha was suspended for obstructing the official inquiry into the corruption scandal and his notoriety in Brazil is such that he’s been likened to the fictional corrupt US politician Frank Underwood, featured in the television series House of Cards.

The New Zealand link is PVCI New Zealand Trust, set up in July 2008 by a Panamanian company of the same name.

Law firm Cone Marshall linked to disgraced Brazilian politician (audio)

The New Zealand law firm Cone Marshall has been involved with yet another case that’s been revealed by the Panama Papers – this time its a disgraced prominent Brazilian politician.

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