2017 election quiz

The ‘I Side With’ political quiz tailored for New Zealand: 2017 election quiz

My results:


This is based on policies only, and doesn’t take into account the perceived competence of MPs and candidates, competence of the party, size of the party, their record, and more.

I wouldn’t be disappointed if National got back in to government, so long as they were moderated by other parties – I’d be happy for most other parties to fill this role except NZ First. But if NZ First were relatively small (<10%) it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I wouldn’t be disappointed if Labour led the next government in some coalition arrangements, dependant on which parties were in coalition with them and what the relative balance of power was.

I’d be happy with The Opportunities Party holding the balance of power (but with changes over the last week think it’s unlikely they will get close to the 5% threshold.

I would be interested in a a National+Labour or a National+Green coalition but think they would be unlikely due to the attitude of the parties.

The link again: 2017 election quiz

UPDATE: I’ve been thinking about this and realise how I think it is particularly flawed. It measures things across a wide range of policies, but I think that many voting decisions made, or at least my voting decisions, are based mostly on a few key policies, most of which are mostly already in place, like tax and benefits and the balance of spending.

No matter what a party’s policies are how they will deal with what is already in place and how much the will change things is more important than a wide range of general policies.

Election quiz

A New Zealand election quiz to “to see how your political beliefs match the political parties and candidates in the September 2017 general election”.

My results:


But this is only part of the story.

Policies that I rate as more important than most in the survey weren’t in there.

And it doesn’t address competence of leaders, competence of parties nor compatibilities of parties – for example if I liked Labour I might not like Labour +NZ First or NZ + Greens as a coalition option.

And it doesn’t take into account tactical voting. I’ve voted Green before not because I thought they were the best party to lead a government but because I thought the election was a foregone conclusion and I think that a decent dollop of Green voice in the mix is health for our Parliament.

This survey is an interesting exercise but gives no indication of who I might vote for.