Brown/male good, Chuang/female bad?

The Len Brown affair has highlighted political double standards, and it has also raised issues of sexuality double standards. Many have claimed that Brown’s sexual life has nothing to do with his political job as mayor – but some have pointed out that Bevan Chuang has become a political untouchable.

This has as much to do with the fact that Chuang revealed the affair in sordid detail, but it raises the point that rooting around by men is excused far more readily than the women who are involved.

Comments at Kiwiblog in Campbell v Brown (largely critical of Brown) have referred to two posts at Public Address (largely supportive of Brown) – Everybody’s Machiavelli by Russell Brown and The Missing Stair Part Two: The Creeper and the Excuser by Emma Hart.


If you want to witness a bit of irony, there is a delightfully descriptive post on Public Address written by Emma Hart called “The Creeper and The Excuser” – 2 September 2013 – get it quick before it is purged.

Emma Hart describes the Creeper as a man who uses Len Browns pick up moves. Emma Hart explains how society keeps this quiet and thus allows the Creeper to form unequitable relationships with his victims. Emma Hart advocates strongly that the behaviour of Creepers should be exposed at every opportunity.

But Emma Hart then goes on to describe the other villian of the piece – the Excuser. The Excuser slut shames the victim, makes light of the abuse of power society affords the Creeper.

Bevan Chuang has come out and made a public statement that she felt used by Mayor Len Brown, who induced a one sided relationship exploiting his position of power. Exactly what Emma Hart was advocating just a month ago.

Russell Brown has written a marvellous example of slut shaming portraying Bevan Chuang as weak willed, easily manipulated fool – in fact hardly worth listening to.

Len “The Creeper” Brown is being Excused in the most delightful way.

And Emma Hart – she is talking a good deal of STFU to anyone who disagrees with Russell Brown. Good team player that she is.


I followed DPF’s link to Russell Brown’s Public Address post and came away feeling a bit dirty after reading the post and the comments. It was like I’d popped out of a time warp in the 1950s and all the people around me were members of the Misogyny Club.

Cheung may be naive and a bit eccentric. But Len Brown was the creepy old guy in a position of power who groomed and exploited her, initially using the pretext that he was interested in her work. He is entirely to blame for the situation, but the Public Address commenters think she is at fault, and she should feel shame for talking about what Brown has done rather than keeping his sleazy behaviour a secret.

Several commenters remarked that her political career is over. But not his!

He exploits a vulnerable council worker and has a few uncomfortable days and looks contrite for some weak questioning on Campbell Live. But she is the one who is apparently untouchable now, personally and professionally.

The Public Address crowd don’t have double standards… they have negative standards regarding women.

The other Brown (Russell) closes his post:

Slater has responded to the statements by declaring that Chuang must be having a breakdown. Classy.

Unfortunately for her, this scandal has also brought to light her criminal conviction for a gross breach of trust as an employee of Auckland Museum. I’ve actually been following Chuang on Twitter for a year or two, as an interesting oddball. The truth turns out to be odder than I could have imagined.

But really: these are pivotal times for the governance of Auckland. Big, important decisions about the city’s future are being made. Brown’s resignation – which, whatever good oil you heard from Duncan Garner, never seemed all that likely – would have thrown that process into disarray.

I don’t think it’s at all controversial to observe that Aucklanders deserve better than the kind of shit we’ve seen revealed in the past two days – or, indeed, the past 10 years.

Chuang was only a minor political player and Len Brown’s job as mayor is important for Auckland, no question about that, but there are hints here that male power and sexual prowess rule.

Brown/male good, Chuang/female bad?