EU divisions appear to be deepening.

From Missy:

On Friday the EU states (minus the UK) will meet in Bratislava to discuss the EU response to Brexit. Donald Tusk has been at a summit in Warsaw ahead of the meeting to ensure that the EU present a united front at the meeting in Bratislava, however, he was given some home truths by the Eastern European nations according to a report in the Telegraph.

The Eastern European nations have blamed the authoritarian European Commission for Brexit, and have warned that the EU must give up on the federalist plans or risk the disintegration of the EU. The Polish PM has reiterated what he said after the EU referendum in saying that the EU must reform in order to save it.

Brexit is not the only division within the EU as the Warsaw summit has shown an East-West division within the EU, where the Eastern European nations believe in national democracies, and the Western nations – specifically Germany, France, and Italy – wish for greater integration.

Meanwhile the Luxembourg Foreign Minister is calling for Hungary to be expelled from the EU over its authoritarian stance on media freedoms and the building of walls to keep out refugees, claiming it is breaching the basic values of the EU. The Hungarian Foreign Minister has hit back accusing the federalists of working tirelessly to demolish European security and culture, and called the Luxembourg Foreign Minister condescending, uppity, and frustrating.

In response to the Polish PM comments Tusk (the President of the EU Council) warned Poland not to rock the European boat, and to be careful about demanding changes to EU treaties that have delivered billions in EU funds to Poland, and given millions of Polish workers access to jobs in the more prosperous northern European countries.