Height of hypocrisy and bull

Hypocrisy and falsity abounds still at Whale Oil in a post by Cameron Slater – FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THE SHOUTING DOWN OF OPPOSING VOICES

Nathan Smith has a brilliant opinion piece at NBR on freedom of speech, but more importantly the proclivity of people, mostly the left-wing to shout down or wanting to ban those who they disagree with.

Anyone who has observed or exerienced the shutting down of opposing voices, and the ban machine Pete Belt at Whale Oil over the last eighteen months will see the hypocrisy in accusing others of ‘shouting down’ or ‘wanting to ban’.

 The media proved fickle guardians of free speech then, and they remain fickle guardians of free speech today…unless it is their free speech being impinged…then they are very vocal.

Same with Slater. He has been moaning about Nicky Hager since being out Dirtied by him in July last year. Like…

We saw this last year with Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics. An attempt by the left wing, and enabled by their fellow travellers in the media to shut down debate and people and political discourse because they didn’t agree with them.

It was about much more than “didn’t agree with them”. It was about politicians using a blogger to throw mud while bragging about being the dirtiest of political dirtbags.

We see the campaigns continue to this day, with the beige badger stating that he thinks we’d be better off without this blog.

I don’t recall stating anything like that and I doubt Slater could find any quotes to back it up. I’ve reported on and even praised achievements at Whale Oil. He just can’t handle being criticised, and he’s given plenty of opportunity to be criticised.

UPDATE: jaspa says ” I am pretty sure I have seen you state that you would not want WO shut down.”

The hate is palpable, the anti-democratic and anti-freedom attitudes prevail, all egged on by the baying of their quite mad and narcissistic microscopic audiences.

I’ve never said or hate Slater or anyone or any website for that matter. He is making up ‘poor me’ stuff to give himself an excuse to whine.

The bottom line is that they are threatened, they are jealous and they can’t or won’t do what is required to try and beat me, so they must try to silence me. They won’t.

The martyr moans.

I’m not trying to beat anyone, and certainly not Slater. I don’t want to be anything like him and I don’t want Your NZ to be anything like Whale Oil.

What is particularly hypocritical about this from Slater is that he was involved with friends in trying to gag me and gag you here by slapping a court order on this site, and that was done illegally, or at least without any legal basis. When the judge realised he’d been conned he discharged to order.

Again, I don’t hate Slater nor want Whale Oil shut down.

I just find it sad that a blogger and a blog tyhat once had potential is now resorting to posting such hypocritical bull.