Right wing wishes and fantasies

A Whale Oil posts asks What is one thing about New Zealand you would love to fix, if you had the power to?

Featured Comment (‘steve and monique’):

Remove the treaty, and its collective trough industry.

LM Bach:

We could start with that traitor Finlayson, then turf out the rest of that ‘tribunal’ and see if they get jobs in the real world. What a scam!


Put all beneficiaries on contraception and drug test them weekly. Any drugs, no benefit.

You do realise maoris are not indigenous.

Amanda Atkinson

… also remove rednecks, [ MOD – redacted. please read our commenting rules or risk having your comments removed or account blocked. ] Get rid of Treaty Troughers, yes agreed. The treaty is not the problem. Whinging Maori AND rednecks are the problem. Most Maori, just want what was stolen to be given back, but do not use it an excuse to be destructive or useless citizens. Most Pakeha, want the the Treaty settled, so long as the money is going to filter down (again, yes get rid of the Treaty Gravy train and its troughers). Rednecks are no better than those whinging Maori who blame the white man for everything. Both are minorities. Both are part of the problem, and not not part of the solution. Both are given far too much air time.

[MOD – redacted personal attack ]

A discussion continues on treaty/Maori issues. Plus:


NZ, get shot of the treaty NOW, zero entitlements, nothing, no special funding for anything maori, just one set of rules, one equal set of Kiwi’s and all living together in a special corner of the world.

Sailor Sam:

Get rid of the “maori” seats in parliament, dismantle the “treaty” gravy train.
Any of the “part” maori who do not like this, go home to Hawaiiki.

More responses:


Send KDC home and stop Muslim immigration

Albert Lane:

Make the drinking age 20.

Re-instate the offence of drunkenness in a public place.

Institute severe penalties for assaulting police officers and for verbally abusing police officers in the course of their duty.

Odd Ball:

Sort out Auckland’s council structure & powers, in order to clip the wings of any present & future mayor,


I would like NZ to revoke the right for women to vote.
Its been down hill ever since they started.

If you get all emotional it scares you.
But if you think logically it makes sense.
It did for a few thousand years until the late 19th century and we never had a world war, let alone two of them


I would like people to have to sit an exam before they can vote. I sat the British Citizenship Exam and voted in the last election there. I want to see those that are level-headed and motivated deciding who runs our country, not the agenda-driven or conspiracy-driven.

One New Zealand, No Dickheads.


Ditch MMP


RMA, then a radical change in function. At the moment it is just a revenue gatherer and just stifles progress. protection to the environment is needed but the RMA in its current form just kills progress. Plus its used as a weapon by the greenies for their extreme agenda’s, eg, Miss C.Brown C/- Wellington Council


 ….the police almost certainly know who belongs to the gangs locally , so declare them criminal organisations , make it a crime to be in a gang , arrest them , get them off the streets and send them to White Island with no food and water…where they can happily ignore our societies laws and values all they like.


I would like to get rid of the central banksters, I’m sure the Fed in the USA has some influence on them. Not sure why we need a central bank run by crooks.


Reform the Local Government Act to stop councils running commercial businesses.GoingRight:


I would like to see the unions disappear.

Wallace Westland:

I’d like to see the end of the Super city..


Legally define Islam as an ideology of hate and then use that law to ban Muslim immigration. 
Use the law again to close mosques and Islamic schools and ban proselytising by Muslims.

No more Treaty payments and that includes the top-up rort that at least one iwi wangled out of the Crown.

Go back to a FPP electoral system.

Set up a “wasteful spending office” (since Audit NZ don’t seem to be monitoring that) and take the chainsaw to government and local government spending.

Ali Gates:

Introduce after 6 months of unemployment benefits work for the dole and ensure equal student benefits not getting paid a student allowance because you have a rich mommy or daddy is unfair

Huia (last one but a biggie):

I also would like to see an end to the Treaty issues, they have gone a long way in addressing most of them, but there are still a few to go. Get it over and done with, then NZ can move forward instead of dwelling continually in the past. Of course there are always those who will dwell in the past so the issues will never ever be totally resolved. The costs have cost us all dearly, this country is suffering because of something that happened mostly well before our time through trying to do the right thing.
I would like to see a halt on immigration for a few years, tighter border controls in place, if you cant abide by our laws then you are gone….no 5th and 6th chances, you have done it in your own nest and your citizenship has been revoked.
I would like to see beneficiaries made to earn their way in those jobs that migrants are being bought in for, the work is here, if they wont work…no benefit. If you have a second child whilst on a benefit then you are earning too much on that benefit if you can afford to breed.
I would like to see people being made responsible for their own children instead of the PC brigade stepping in and taking over the parents responsibility. How will these people get it through their heads that children are their responsibility if a do gooder is waiting in the wings to earn their place in heaven. Tough love…you are responsible for your own actions. That is how you learn. We live in a great place where the opportunity to eat very well is here, we can grow pretty much anything and can eat very healthy. There is no excuse not to, so the answer is laziness and the knowledge that someone else will put it right for you. Get off your bum and work.
I would like to see tougher sentencing where life meant life and you pay dearly for the crime you have committed, especially against children. I never want to see another murder trial controlled, manipulated and played out in the media by the likes of team Bain. The Bain trial was a complete travesty of justice and should never be allowed to happen like that again. Facts are facts, innuendo, gossip and hearsay have no place in a court room and should never have been allowed to be presented as facts…totally screwed the trial and cost the taxpayer dearly. The Justice system really does need an overhaul, especially when you get a lying, cheating, German criminal tie up the courts with his antics,(the cost is enormous), then to get an MP released from his position on a criminal’s and his paid retainer’s word alone…something very wrong there.
I am really tired of the left and media banging on so negatively when we live in such a great place, so would love to see them actually be positive, show some guts and get out from under the union umbrella, this would probably earn them more votes from everyone for a start. For God’s sake stop being so dammed negative, its draining on the mind.
I would definitely like to see MMP gone and the time wasting in Parliament reduced.
I am not happy with the movement onto the gravy train of local councils by the left wing, they are anti progress, negative, ineffective and not in the least business minded, so how can they run a council?….they cant ! as we have seen by Auckland’s pathetic example. These people cannot run business’s, so councils please stop dabbling in the business world, concentrate on running the council and only the councils, if you want to dabble in business then save up and purchase your own and stop misusing the ratepayers hard earned money.
I would like to see our defense force increased to cover the air again, and given the balls to act like they should act in defending our country, its waters and our laws. Again if you cant abide by our laws then you are gone, fair means or foul. We really need to take stock about this and recognize where the world is going at the moment, there is a move afoot which will hurt all of us, therefore we need some protection and the confidence our shores will be taken care of.
I think we need to stop importing useless crap from China, a stupid $1.50 toy which breaks as soon as you get it home leaves a huge carbon footprint, surely we can do better than this. Why this desperation for garbage?
Id like to see our education system improved, teachers paid what they are truly worth. Not all teachers…just the good ones doing a good job, which means we need to screen teachers and make sure they are well educated, dedicated enough to really want to teach our children, and not just fall into the job because it seems to be the easiest one around. Id like to see children’s education taking in the movement of money (international and domestic), in depth budgeting, property purchasing. Sex education hasn’t worked as the kids are still getting pregnant only in bigger numbers. They are active earlier too which is a worry. I think the schools should concentrate on sending better balanced, better educated in the ways of the world kid’s out into the world. No pregnant and illiterate as so many of them are now.
I would also like to see the sale of massive tracts of land in NZ to people living overseas be stopped. No good for us and no good for anyone except the overseas owner. The Chinese are buying up large land tracts in the food baskets of the world, do you think they will share with us if things get tight? I don’t have that confidence. You go to their country, try to buy a large tract of land, it wont happen. I believe we need to hang on to our land. Large tracts can surely be broken up into smaller tracts and farmed successfully for kiwi’s by kiwi’s.
Will get off the soap box now but thanks for the vent.

Left wing wishes and fantasies

A post at The Standard – Andrea Vance on Andrew Little’s game plan – asks:

What do you want/expect to see in Andrew Little’s state of the nation?

The resonse was a number of wishes and wishlists.


I would like to see him define the debate on Labour’s terms – so, say, talk about jobs, wages, salaries and fairness in a world of the 1%ers. Within that framework talk about looking at a UBI, about workplace reform – maybe with German style workplace councils to stimulate productivity (but also introduce backdoor worker organisation without using the dreaded “trade union” words) and worker buy in.

UBI = Universal Basic Income is a minimun wage/benefit set at a ‘livable’ level.

Talk about the need to create a fairer society through better wages. In other words, make the argument where National are not delivering anything at all to the vast majority of Kiwis – wages and salaries.

Oh and how about saying that under Labour a bunch of scoundrels and pirates in rusty old fishing boats would not be allowed to humiliate our Navy and plunder fish stocks in the Southern Ocean.


The want lists includes.

  • Concrete policy on climate change. Divest from fossil fuels.
  • A clear independent foreign policy based on peaceful cohabitation of the planet with other cultures and nations.
  • Pull out of TPPA deal
  • Significant tax increases for the wealthy and corporations.
  • Massive investment in public transport
  • Investment in regional NZ.
  • Rebuild NZ’s local manufacturing in areas where .
  • Promote sustainable farming practises.
  • Build 100,00 state houses.
  • Change laws on rental properties to dis incentivise Multiple ownership of property.
  • Stop all foreign ownership of businesses, land and property.
  • Nationalisation of energy, transport, water, telecommunications, health and other core national interests.
  • Political donations only through membership of a political party and at a low rate of say $30. So the numbers of your supporters, not the wealth is what counts.
  • The reinstatement of genuine public broadcasting.
  • Democratic workplaces..cooperatives, worker owned companies.
  • Highly subsidised public transport
  • The conversion of inner city carparks into green spaces

I think an unqualified apology for the events of 1984 to 1990 would make for a cleansing break from Labour’s tragic embrace of neoliberalism.

Colonial Rawshark”

A full time youth jobs guarantee for those 25 and under. 37.5 hrs per week at the minimum wage, where you are expected to perform to a full employment standard.


A return of freight back to rail. Especially in regions with high truck traffic levels, and highway gridlock.

Lastly cartridge of dangerous and hazardous waste by rail. Never should Petroleum and oils be carried by road.


I’ll just be grateful if we could just have one Labour leader until the 2017 election.


A caucus that spends less time waiting for their turn in government while playing internal politics and more time on making sure that they win a general election.


I would like to see the Labour Party categorically state that the policies of greed and self-interest, as promoted since the Labour Party of 1984, do not work and that people simply do not go about their lives on the sole basis of greed and self-interest (bizarre thought isn’t it).

…. then link that statement to the current government, plus failures the result of those policies such as leaky homes, the GFC, Pike River, etc

Murray Rawshark:

I think there needs to be an unqualified apology for the events of 1984 to 2015. Without the Lange regime, this year would be very different politically and economically.

Miracle Worker:

The day I see Andrew Little take on John Key over South Canterbury Finance, which is John Key’s biggest achilles heel by a country mile, the issue that will bring him down and banish him from the political landscape for good, as well as set National back for at least a decade, is the day Labour will win back my vote.

Until that day comes, I have written Labour off as National-lite. When Labour KNOWS how corrupt Key and his cronies were over that issue and they do nothing about it, they are just as corrupt for turning a blind eye to it. I am sick of listening to their empty rhetoric and bullsh*t.

George Hendry:

@ Paul’s list –

# Divest from international ‘reserve’ (with a snap of our fingers we create the money you need, but you’re not allowed to try this trick ) bank system

# Exercise sovereign right to create independent government-backed local currency

# Hand over SIS and GCSB files to ordinary citizens spied on, ‘illegally’ or otherwise

# Stay alive if possible – look out for extrajudicial assassination drones with which PM is comfortable


He probably should be promising a public broadcasting channel.


I’d like Andrew to show to all Kiwis that he has the vision thing and that he has the passion to take us along with him.
I’d like him to demonstrate that he is a quick but not hasty decision maker, that he is thoughtful and analytical and then committed to his decisions.

I want him to show that he is a team builder who supports his bench with his big strength and toughness.
Andrew needs to continue showing that he knows himself and that he is very comfortable in his own skin. The public want to see his character and to understand the role it plays in his leadership style.

Policy Parrot:

1. Most voters are employees – tailor policy to them.
Over 70% of FTE workers are employees. It is our challenge to remake society so that one again can be successful through thrift and hard work as an employee, not solely through property trading or business ownership. Increases in minimum wage, industry specific wage floors, guaranteed union representative access, changes to work trials etc. Improve and expand the current apprenticeship system.

2. Making the tax system work
Making the tax system fairer. Sure the tax system would be simpler with a single rate of tax, but this rate needs be to discounted at the lower end so that lower income people can both survive and contribute to society, and thus compensatorily needs to be elevated at the higher end in order to pay for the discount at the lower end.
There needs to be a commission into tax to address horizontal fairness (i.e. all sources of income being treated the same for tax purposes), closing loopholes through a system design which also achieves the social policy objectives, and cracking down on tax fraud through omission and false statements. Establish a department within IRD specifically to help SME’s deal with tax/regulatory issues.

3. Regional Development + Extractive Industry
Regional development through direct central government investment, i.e. moving some staffing resources back into regional cities, tax incentives for large manufacturing businesses to locate their factories in regional New Zealand. Continue to allow extractive industries in negotiation with the local people in regions such as Northland, East Cape, West Coast – with the stipulation that a portion of profits be reinvested in the same regions. Encourage regional diversification. Make use of Solid Energy as the main/dominant operator of all mining/extractive operations wherever possible – as it is a SOE, and thus theorectically subject to political and social considerations in a different political environment.

4. Living and Transport
Improve and update the KiwiBuild policy – perhaps a new moniker as well. Build warm and dry, energy efficient houses in communities serviced by public transport. There needs to be another 50k state houses built.
Build up feeder/domitory towns that have public transport available/potential.
Reintroduce commuter rail to Christchurch, and improve existing services in Auckland and Wellington.

5. Education Sector
Increase the hours available in the 20 hour free scheme to 30, and lower the starting age to 2.
Continue with the excellent school fee policy.
Reintroduce funding for the night courses scrapped by National.
Review NCEA to make sure it is delivering its policy objectives.
Changes to the student allowance eligibility criteria, i.e. if there remains an income threshold, there should also be an asset test, and increase the weekly borrrowing limit for living costs for those dependent on student loans.
Review the whole tertiary funding sector with a view to eventually establishing universal student allowances at a living level, with minimum pass/grade levels required.


I would like to here that the ordinary people matter to him, and his labour party.
that he will work to bring back the 40hour week and 8 hour day. I would like to here him differentiate labour from the greens. I would like to here precisely how labour is diiferent from national.


For me to vote Labour again I would like to see Little concentrate on the key economic concerns of people that have been ignored for the past 30 years and are issues that National will never deal with in a million years.

a) Apprenticeships – Re introduce the old apprenticeship system for trades. Its senseless that the hands on trades such as hairdressing, florists are learnt in a classroom rather than the practical hands on experience of the old apprenticeship system. Higher education institutions have been coining it out of the young for far too long and fail with their theory learning only to give these youngsters the practical experience that the employer needs. Its time to send them down the road as these youngsters not only end up with not having the practical experience required, but also end up with a huge hefty student debt to pay off.

b) Food costs – Why are we paying what we do for food in our supermarkets. What is the breakdown for the cost of milk, bread and butter. Its interesting that the only Labour Party member to mention this issue was looked down by Labour as a filthy closet National Party supporter and that this issue was not picked up by any other member when he departed the party. Why is that? Is there more to this issue than the general public knows and are Labour too scared or just simply don’t know how to tackle it.

c) It is not only the employees that are getting a hard time, there are also plenty of self employed or contractors that don’t get a fair deal when dealing with the bigger corporates. Offering support for these people would help with a fairer society for businesses rather than big corporates being the dominant players.

d) Workers definitely need representation, since the introduction of the ECA Act in 1991 (which Labour did nothing about during their 9 years of power) wages for Kiwis have become low and no longer give people the income to meet soaring living costs.

e) Unions are the dinosaurs of yesterday, a new method of worker representation needs to occur. Unions fail to give people the choice of their representation ie: if you work in a shop than your union is the shop workers union despite if you think they are good, bad, effective or jack shit useless. It needs to change where workers despite their role, get to choose the group that represents them therefore keeping those that choose to represent workers do as the worker wants rather than what they want.

f) Living costs – Again, like the food, why are we paying what we do for rates, power, insurance, housing and transport (petrol) costs. Are these costs valid in that is what it costs to provide these services or are the 1%ers coining it off the rest of us?

Little needs to return Labour back to their original tradition of looking out for the key economic concerns of people. He also needs to recognise that the welfare reforms National have made are necessary and need to stay. Labour fell into the trap of allowing welfare to become a alternative to working rather than a helping hand. Little also needs erode the PC ideology that currently dominates the Labour Party. PC ideology that does nothing to help the average family put food on their tables.


Seems to me at this stage he needs to play to his strengths and focus on education/training — which he would have had a lot to do with during his EPMU stage — perhaps with a dash of innovation and supporting of manufacturing. At the moment, he just needs to be solid, play a straight bat with no outrageous hook shots.

The Chairman:

Little may like to point out market voids (such as housing, export growth, employment, etc) and explain how a hands on Government will fill these voids – i.e. build more homes, create new export focused SOEs, thus grow our wealth and provide more decent paying jobs.


Less anger, more smiles, more reason, more about what he’s going to do to lead this country (if that comes his way), less about sniping at the current government, but more about saying what he would do. Have more of a global view.

He could also do with a good media adviser to help him come across more clearly, engage with voters, speak more clearly – keep people engaged for the long game.