Mansplaining versus femsplaining

The term mansplaining has become a bit if a thing. It seems to be used as a put down, a along with a ‘piss off or shut up’ sort of attitude.

I got involved in a  wee exchange on Twitter today that result in by far the most activity I have been associated with there.

I haven’t seen This person before and I’m not even sure how they came up on my Twitter feed. But I asked:

I finished with “I intended genuine discussion, but I don’t think I’ll try to explain.”

And left it at that. But the retweets and likes (most not of my comments) from around the world have been active all day.

And some comments hinting I should be quiet and butt out, or shouldn’t have butted in in the first place.

This isn’t an attempt at an explanation! I just thought it was quite a funny experience.