Feral fixation

Seemingly not having any lessons over his attacks on ‘ferals’ from the West Coast Cameron Slater keeps up his bully boy attacks.


Trevor Mallard’s feral mates in Wainuiomata are taking the law into their own hands and shooting up a speed camera.

That looks like a mix of attention seeking and playing to his own feral crowd. Plus a jab at an old adversary – who is less relevant in serious politics now, Mallard or Slater?

Whale Oil has been plugging away trying to keep Google ad revenue going through the quietest time of the year.

Fatty’s other problem

He lied, he’s been nothing but trouble ever since, give him the arse card and repatriate him to Germany via NZ1 (which stops in LA.)

Slater isn’t as open about his own weight, untruths and troubles as that.

Finally. Fatty’s Fanbois at the Ferald turn

As it is, I suspect that his constant disrespect, mocking and baiting will probably see him lose his freedom for a very long time.

If they earned money from irony they would be doing well financially.


Speaker rules Key should have answered Slater/feral question

The Speaker has reviewed Question Time on Wednesday where Russel Norman quizzed John Key on the amount of contact he had with Cameron Slater. See Question Time – Norman versus Key.

David Carter has ruled that Key could legitimately refuse to respond to most of the questions as the contact was ” None in my capacity as Prime Minister” (although Key’s evasiveness wasn’t a good look).

However the Speaker says that as there was a direct connection with his job as Prime Minister with one question he should have given an answer.

NZ Herald reports Key should have answered WhaleOil question – Speaker:

Mr Key said he did not speak with Mr Slater in his capacity as Prime Minister and therefore was not obliged to answer drawing fierce criticism from Dr Norman and Labour’s Chris Hipkins.

Having reviewed Mr Key’s responses overnight, Mr Carter today said that was likely correct for most of Dr Norman’s questions. However, one where Dr Norman asked if Slater was correct when he said Mr Key had told him the mother of a car crash victim was “the same woman f-ing feral bitch that screams at him when he goes to Pike River meetings” should have been answered.
The question “made a connection to the actions of the Prime Minister in response to Pike River Mine Tragedy,” Mr Carter said.

“A connection having been made to a matter of ministerial responsibility an informative answer should be given.”

This question was not specific enough for Key to have to answer:

Dr Russel Norman : Did he call Cameron Slater to discuss the backlash Slater received after describing a young car crash victim as a feral who deserved to die; if so, what did he tell Slater about the dead man’s mother?

Rt Hon JOHN KEY : I have never rung Cameron Slater in my capacity as Prime Minister.

After points of order had been made about Key’s evasiveness these questions were asked.

Dr Russel Norman : Why did he tell Cameron Slater that the dead man’s mother was the same woman who sometimes confronted him at Pike River meetings?

Rt Hon JOHN KEY : I am not going to describe conversations I have in capacities other than those as Prime Minister.

Dr Russel Norman : Was Cameron Slater correct when he said that the Prime Minister told him that the dead man’s mother—so these are the Prime Minister’s own words—was “ … the same woman f—ing feral bitch that screams at him when he goes to Pike River meetings.”? Is Cameron Slater correct that that is what the Prime Minister said?

Rt Hon JOHN KEY : I made clear at the time that that was not correct.

The Speaker says of that last question “A connection having been made to a matter of ministerial responsibility an informative answer should be given.”

No doubt Norman will be sharpening his question son this for the next Question Time.

Today’s NZ Herald editorial is fairly scathing of Key’s avoidance and the potential precedent it sets in Speaker gives PM, ministers a licence to duck for cover:

The simple fact is that most people assume the Prime Minister is fulfilling just that role. If they took a telephone call from Mr Key, they would not think to ask whether he was speaking as the Prime Minister or as the leader of the National Party. The obvious exceptions to this preoccupation are his involvement in party conferences or election campaigns. Then, quite clearly, he is a party leader.

As much should have informed Mr Carter’s examination of the transcripts of the question-time exchange. This makes the outcome of the Speaker’s quick inquest and his effective sanctioning of the Prime Minister’s behaviour all the more unsatisfactory.

Mr Carter said yesterday that Mr Key’s non-informative responses were correct for nearly all Dr Norman’s questions. The only exception involved one dealing with the Pike River tragedy, in which a clear connection was made with ministerial responsibility.

In large part, Mr Carter has invited the Prime Minister and his ministers to don their hat of choice at any time as a means of evading awkward questions.

It is hardly a recipe for integrity or the engendering of a greater degree of public respect for the nation’s politicians.

And they point out a potential problem for Key.

The Prime Minister began his third term by warning National MPs and ministers that he did not want to see any hint of arrogance creeping into their behaviour.

Fast-forward a month and that very trait was implicit in John Key’s response to questions in Parliament about the nature and frequency of his conversations with Cameron Slater.

Key risks voter wrath if he keeps avoiding addressing the degree of his association with Slater.

Whale Oil is back, ropable

The Whale Oil blog is back up with a few teething problems, and with an unsurprising but sad first post by Cameron Slater: Scum

I’ve commented on it:

I get that you want to make a statement that you won’t back down or be shut up, but “A long drop off a short rope is probably too good for these feral scumbags” is a piss poor come back and hypocritical after your (valid) complaints about threats of violence and death.

I don’t think is going to help you.

I think Cameron is getting more entangled by his own rope.

On Whale Oil versus West Coast

Much has been said about the (typically) provocative Whale Oil “feral” post and the ensuing shit storm. Comments at Kiwiblog sum up much of what has been discussed.


We’re balanced and reasonable people who don’t exercise ourselves over such things as language or verbiage. Not so on the Coast it seems.

Aha, yes, quite right – balanced and reasonable people who don’t go calling others feral. As I said in my original post – if I walk out on the street and call a random stranger ugly then I *fully* expect to be given a five fingered salute right square smack on my plonker (probably splitting it in two). I would never expect any less and I would probably deserve it.

She doesn’t want a “face to face” apology, she wants 10 seconds on the news.

Now that it just a really really -weird- assertion. I mean like, really weird. She’s a grieving mother who’s had someone abuse her deceased and you’re suggesting she just wants to get on the telly? I don’t even know where to begin psyhco-analysis of that one.

She’s the one demanding a “face to face” apology. Not me.

Right you are. That is weird. But I think she might have the the right to call the shots in that her son died and she didn’t walk around calling random people feral, or you know, something like that anyway.

‘Right of way is Right of way’:

Oh hang on, she want’s a face to face apology from Cam Slater for describing her late son as a ‘feral’. She also has questions about the police chase. She also said that she was grateful that the survivors of the crash had directed emergency services to the wreck to check on her dead son.

The statements I have yet to hear are; “Why was the driver going so fast?” “Why was the life of my son taken by the stupid actions of his so called mate?”

I appreciate that she is grieving in a way that few of us could ever understand, and that she may feel compelled to strike out. But Cam Slater did not kill her son. The Police did not kill her son. Her son died solely due to the actions of the person who had his right foot on the accelerator of the car.

And if some of these people on the West Coast refuse to get their heads around that basic fact, and address it, then sadly, Judd Hall will not be the last person to be taken from us all in such a manner.

I find this fact to be the saddest of them all.

‘kiwi in america’:

I think those who read Cameron’s blog pretty much know what we are getting. He is opinionated, blunt, irreverent and never shys away from a fight. He champions the odd cause that cuts against my personal opinion and he can dismiss the foolish and unwise with almost excessive acerbity (e.g. the ‘feral’ comment that has elicited so much controversy).

But he fulfills an enormously important place in New Zealand’s political dialogue because frankly he’s unafraid to dig deep and report his findings and to take the fight to the left in the most in your face aggressive manner possible.

He understands what he is up against – the left dominates the media, journalism schools, academia, school teaching profession and the bureaucracy and they are like rust, they never sleep.

In addition to breaking stories the MSM would ignore or gloss over (Len Brown) he calls out the left, its ruinous policies and their hypocritical spokespeople in a way that is most compelling – hence his popularity.

I believe this DDOS attack is politically motivated and likely sources from cronies of Kim Dotcom who will do everything they can to cover their tracks and keep the blame away from him. Slater has humiliated Dotcom and his digging into his affairs and linkages in ways that ultimately will be very damaging to Dotcom’s carefully crafted PR image and media manipulation.

I hope Cam has some friends who can dig into their pockets to help him circumvent these attacks and get back on line as Dotcom has money and technology on his side to wage this war.

As for the controversial comments Whale has made well he’s a big boy and he’s going to have to accept the fact that if you rark people up the way he does then some will come out swinging and make the kinds of low life threats that have been made. As deplorable as they are, if you are going to throw stones at people then you’re going to have to cope with the retaliation.

It is fascinating to contrast Whaleoil with Kiwiblog – each site reflecting obviously the personality of their creators. Both are a vital part of the NZ political scene but for different reasons. Depite all of Whale’s flaws and foibles, I sure hope he is back on line soon.

If Cameron Slater does get his blog back up it will be in a vastly changed environment. While he remains staunch and refuses to apologise this must surely affect his approach to letting rip with raw criticism.

If he moderates his approach a bit but remains well connected, well informed and probing I thing Whale Oil will be the better for it.

Finally from a Coaster, ‘Shunda barunda’:

” Greymouth.

Gets called feral.

Gets upset. Does not believe they are feral.

Responds to insulter with threats of murder and gang rape of children….. ”

You’ve got a few things wrong there mate, yes, Cameron did appear to call all Coasters feral, and yes, that is upsetting, but to imply that all of us down here are then advocates for murder and the rape of children is just typical ignorant bullshit.

We get sick to death of this determined effort certain sections of NZ society make to turn us into the NZ equivalent of some slack jawed territory in the USA.

While the West Coast has its fair share of dim bulbs (like anywhere) the “ferality” of the community here would be a damned site less than certain parts of the major towns and cities in NZ.

The West Coast actually has a very diverse population of people from all over the place, and being genuinely “feral” is not something that features large here at all.

Cameron made nasty comments about the death of a popular young man in the community here, a man that possibly made his last mistake, but by all accounts wasn’t a bad guy.
No one here likes the idea of cars crashing into houses, or kids driving drunk, but this is hardly only an issue west of the Alps, this happens everywhere.

Cameron is the one acting like a redneck with this sort of blatant dismissal of an entire population based on the actions of a few pissed off young people that lost their mate.

If you poke a stick at a hornets nest, don’t piss and moan that you get stung, isn’t that the entire thrust of his social ideology?


It’s the way he handles the ensuing shit fight that is the problem, he is careless and intentionally provocative for no good reason, he lacks wisdom and appears arrogant and dismissive.


I’m not defending his attackers, I’m commenting on the lack of wisdom this guy displays by heaping all West Coasters in with some wayward young adults and their pissed off mates.

Tell me, if Cameron believes he is more intelligent than these people (and he clearly does) why is he so fond of the same damned tactics all be it not quite to the same degree?


So Mr Slater in a blog post, referring to someone who drove drunk, refused to stop for police and smashed into a house(and killing someone in the process), is on a similar moral plain to ferals who threaten a young girl with rape, threaten to kill someone and do their best to take down a blog site. Yeah, exactly the same.

Yeah, he is.

All you are quibbling about is degree, Cameron doesn’t give a shit about how his actions may affect others and neither did the fuckwit driving the car.

Did you see the part where Cameron was gloating about having loaded firearms in his house? Watch this space.

Cameron is barely any more civilized.

As others have said, there’s a fair amount of “live by the sword, get it stuck up you in return” going on here.

The sword should be brandished with more thought and care. Less carnage, more effective.

The Whale Oil West Coast provocation

This appears to be where the attacks and threats against Whale Oil began:

Blogger puts boot in

Provocative right-wing internet blogger Cameron Slater was today standing by a headline that described Greymouth car crash victim Judd Hall as “feral”.

Mr Hall, a 26-year-old from Runanga, died when a car in which he was a backseat passenger left the road and crashed into a house about 11 o’clock on Friday night.

At 7.21am on Saturday, Mr Slater’s Whale Oil blog site carried a brief story on the crash under the heading, ‘Feral dies in Greymouth, did world a favour’.

When contacted by the Greymouth Star today, Mr Slater accepted that he did not know Mr Hall or his family, but justified the “feral” description by saying: “It is Greymouth, isn’t it? Didn’t Helen Clark say that you are all feral?”

He said anybody travelling at 140kph in a car in a 50kph area was ‘feral’, whether on the West Coast or in south Auckland.
He did not regret the headline and would not be apologising for it.

“It’s a tragic situation but where is it written in the rule books that you have to take into account people’s feelings?” the blogger said.

Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn said the headline was “an utter disgrace”.

“This young lad has a mother and father who are going through a great deal of hurt at the moment. It’s compassion and support they need at the moment, not condemnation from the likes of Slater,” Mr Kokshoorn said.

“They (the parents) are people that Slater has never met, does not know, so for him to describe their offspring as feral is the lowest of the low and an utter disgrace.”

Slater was unwisely provocative (as he sometimes can be) and insensitive to Hall’s family and friends but some of the response has been way over the top.

See  Whale Oil woes.