Kiwi, Koru, Cross, Fern

This is one of the simplest (as per the result) attempts at combining a number of elements in a New Zealand flag:


We are Kiwi

Designed by: Dave G from Wellington

Not one to come up with a whole lot of symbolism, but the main feature is the outline of a Kiwi, which represents New Zealanders. The area on the left is a koru which is a symbol of new life, growth, strength and peace. The back of the Kiwi doubles as a silver fern which obviously has many reasons for it’s inclusion, including it’s links to the defence force and fallen NZ soldiers. The Southern Cross on the blue continues to represent our location, especially if the blue represents the Pacific Ocean. And let’s face it – black is a colour used to represent NZ, and goes well with the blue. Red maybe in the stars as currently done, but perhaps just white. The main thing is a New Zealand flag should not contain another country’s flag. Elements of this design were ‘improved’ from other designs on this site from “Chris Harrison” and “Barbara Peddie”

This would be towards the top of my preferred list for replacement flags.

The Chris Harrison ‘Koru Wave’ design:

Barbara Peddie designs (she has done more but these are what Dave G has based his on):

I prefer the silver/black fern version.

I prefer the silver/black fern version here too and prefer this to the vertical fern version.

Dave G’s non-flying version:

DaveGDesignI think these are all good designs worthy of consideration.

Frizzell flags

Otis Frizzell has submitted some flags for consideration. NZ Herald reports.

NZ needs new identity, says artist

Artist Otis Frizzell has offered New Zealanders a radical departure from the current flag with a proposal combining a koru design and a night sky version of the Southern Cross.

His preferred flag portrays a white Southern Cross on the black night sky, separated from green land and sea by a “Maori design element referencing the first people of New Zealand” – the white koru swirl representing the long white cloud and whitecaps on water.

FrizzellBlackWith traditional red and white stars on a blue background:

FrizzellBlueAnd I’ve done an edit changing the fern for the stars:


And a larger version:


Lest we forget – clever image of sacrifice

At a glance this looks very familiar to Kiwis.

A closer look shows some very clever artistry.

I’m not a tattoo fan but that’s very cool as a meaningful image.

Couldn’t do anything like that with our current flag.

Oddly this was on an Australia news site: New Zealand war veteran’s ANZAC tattoo sparks social media frenzy

When New Zealand man Bruce Neal left a Wellington tattoo parlour last week, he knew he was doing so with a permanent mark on his chest; but little did he know the mark he was about to make on social media.

The 59-year old war veteran waited 41 years until he came across a design he loved – a series of ANZAC soldiers made up in the shape of New Zealand’s iconic emblem, the silver fern. The words ‘Lest We Forget’ are written underneath.

He saw the image on a Wellington waterfront where WWI soldiers had left for Gallipoli around a century ago, and when his wife spotted the same design on television soon afterwards, Mr Neal knew it was a sign.

“I thought ‘that’s it’. That means something to me,” Mr Neal said.

It means a lot to me as well, and I suspect to many Kiwis.

Lest we forget.