Warship protests

Auckland Peace Action has planned a protest against warships visiting Auckland.


Flotilla time change

All Navy boats arriving Wednesday 16 November in groups of 4 from 5am – 2pm with a gun salute at 11am. Please feel free to go out on the water to protect the peace from these warships.

The planned peace flotilla has been postponed:
We will be meeting from 12.30pm in the harbour and surrounding the navy ships that will be lined up there, stationary, from 12.30pm-2.30pm. Navy event details here: http://nznavy75.co.nz/international-naval-review/

This flotilla is part of the ‘Week of Peace’ – a series of organised public demonstrations to challenge the business of war and send a message that peace is not just the absence of war, it’s something we must work actively towards. Please join us on the water – if you don’t have a boat, find someone who does to take you out, or borrow a kayak!

The Daily Blog has tried to make this an Anti-Donald Trump protest as well.

Do you hate Trump and want to show it? Then protest the American warship visiting Auckland this week

So are you shocked by the Trump result and the magnitude of political and social carnage he is about to wreck upon the planet?

Then protest the American warship that is visiting Auckland next week.

Rage against this ugly mutation of Western Democracy by protesting against the American Warship visiting Auckland next week.

Trump isn’t president yet so making it an anti-Trump protest seems a bit of a diversion, or opportunism to protest at anything on whim. That was posted before this week’s earthquakes.

Now the ugly mutation of Western Democracy and others are using their warships to help in Kaikoura.

Fleet of international warships to help out with earthquake response

A fleet of international warships are bypassing Auckland’s historic naval celebrations and heading for Kaikoura to assist with the earthquake response.

They include the first United States warship to visit New Zealand in 33 years.

The USS Sampson was due to enter Auckland Harbour tomorrow morning for the International Naval Review as part of celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy.

The USS Sampson, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, has departed from the Hauraki Gulf and is now on its way to Kaikoura, where it will deploy two MH60 helicopters to help as required. The US has also offered a P-3 Orion for surveillance flights,” Brownlee said.

The Australian Defence Force had diverted the HMAS Darwin from her planned participation review.

“The Darwin is expected to arrive off the Kaikoura coast on Wednesday evening and will deploy its Seahawk helicopter from offshore. Canada is sending its frigate the HMCS Vancouver.”

Brownlee said the New Zealand Navy had already sent HMNZS Canterbury and HMNZS Wellington to Kaikoura and would also send HMNZS Te Kaha and tanker ship, HMNZS Endeavour.

The New Zealand Navy is something some activists and parties like the Greens want to do away with.

Ships of war are often used in peaceful emergency roles as well as trying to help prevent wars.

Being able to protest is an important part of a free democracy.

Perhaps activists doth protest too often, to be effective you need to choose your battles wisely. In this case a natural disaster has rendered their Auckland protests a bit pointless,  especially with the warships being used to do some good.

War and peace is complicated.

The protests and the drilling go on

A flotilla is setting off to meet the gas exploration vessel due to arrive off the Otago coast.

‘David and Goliath’ quest

David killed Goliath, and the Oil Free Otago flotilla set to sail tonight can stop the Anadarko drill ship, the Rev Peter Matheson says.

Mr Matheson said he would be aboard the lead flotilla yacht SV Tiama when it left Dunedin tonight to confront the Anadarko drill ship Noble Bob Douglas at the drill site 65km from Taiaroa Head.

Although confronting the drill ship of an oil giant on a small yacht was as ridiculous as David fighting Goliath, the outcome could be similar, Mr Matheson said.

”Anyone remember who won?”A similar fight was won by anti-nuclear protesters in the 1980s, he said.

A slingshot from 500 metres might be a bit ambitious.

Also set to board SV Tiama is Bob Lloyd, associate professor and director of energy studies at the University of Otago physics department. Prof Lloyd said he would ask the drill ship crew, via radio on the protest yacht, to halt its New Zealand drilling operations.

He would ask they stop their search and focus on discovering renewable energy, such as solar panels and wind turbines.

I thought solar panels and wind turbines had already been discovered. What doesn’t seem to have been discovered yet is how to make solar and wind energy cost effective enough to supercede fossil fuel, along with all the electric powered transport and infrastructure.

As off Taranaki the anti-exploration protest will get some attention but the drilling will go on. And our oil and gas needs will go on.