National criticised over Maori representation

Should every party in Parliament rank their caucus with balanced representation of every major New Zealand demographic?

The new National Party lineup announced by leader Todd Muller yesterday has been criticised for ‘a lack of diversity on their front bench’, and in particular forr not having enough Maori MPs prominent on their rankings.

Maori tend to not vote for National in big numbers, so why should National arrange their ranking to appear to represent Maori proportionally?

Should National also balance their lineup with union representatives, teachers, climate change activists, social activists and racing and fishing representatives?

Tariana Turia is complaining about the lack of Maori in National’s front bench – but her Maori Party was notable for it’s lack of diversity, they only had Maori representatives. As was their choice.

Should Labour have farmers and ex corporates and religious advocates in their front bench?

Should NZ First have a balance of young MPs?

Should Greens have business representation in their caucus and their list?

Or should each party represent who they wish, and rank their MPs how they wish?

Maori already have a special guarantee of representation in Parliament through the Maori seats. National have never been given a Maori seat by Maori voters, so why should National go out of their way to represent them?

Muller had to put forward his new lineup in a hurry, and National are in opposition, not in Government. John Key’s Government represented Maori through some of their own MPs and in particular by including the Maori Party, who were voted for by Maori.

Every party shouldn’t have to be representative of everyone, they should represent who vote for them.

Labour hasn’t had a particularly good record of representing Maori interests despite holding most Maori seats most of the time (currently all Maori seats).

It would be democratic nonsense for all parties to be diverse enough to satisfy every interest group in the country. The Greens who promote themselves as diverse are making little attempt at gender balance these days, but that’s their choice.

Voters are supposed to decide what they think of the diversity or lack of diversity of each party lineup.


Gower: Cunliffe not on Labour’s front bench

Maybe Labour’s leaks haven’t been plugged yet.


Word from inside Labour that David Cunliffe has been ABCed. Not on Front Bench.

Or perhaps it’s a managed leak to get this news out prior to the main announcement tomorrow, to dilute the potential negative coverage.

UPDATE: more from  ·

Word from inside Labour is that Annette King is deputy and Grant Robertson has finance.

Word from inside Labour is that Little is his own man, kept Cunliffe back, wasn’t pressured by ABCs.