Who funded the non hack?

Questions are being asked about who the funder was for the fee to be paid for the attempt by Cameron Slater to hack The Standard.

I understand that in his police statement Slater claimed there was no funder.

But in his Media Statement from Cameron Slater on Benjamin Rachinger and the hack of The Standard that never actually happened Slater states:

Ben wanted $5,000 for what he described as The Standard data he held.  That’s not the sort of money I have access to at the drop of a hat, especially as Ben had been regularly requesting and receiving a living wage from me already.  I needed to organise a sponsor to assist.

A sponsor sounds like a funder.

David Fisher in Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater admits soliciting hack

Documents presented to the court by Rachinger claimed Slater wanted “to use hacked information from the website The Standard on behalf of a funder to embarrass the Leader of the Opposition and Head of the Labour Party, Andrew Little, on the first day of Parliament sitting in 2015”.

In his statement today Slater said:

I’m going to make a number of factual statements today in this release, and I am going to write a number of articles that will delve into some of the detail of what has developed.

I wonder if he will set the record straight on who provided the funds.

And was he given the whole $5,000? It is alleged that Rachinger only received $1,000.