Future of Education

Labour has released it’s free tertiary education policy under it’s Future of Work framework, correctly seeing a growing need for many workers to re-train several times through their working life.

But how much are they considering Future of Education?

Education may transform as radically as work in the next decade or two.

Will our current university model survive? There will always be a need for academic qualifications, and there will always be a need for doctors and lawyers and nurses and teachers who need a few years to learn.

But it’s quite possible a lot of other education will become fragmented – and available from much wider sources. Online courses are already available from around the world.

Will Labour have a good look at Future of Education? The Labour friendly teacher unions have resisted far less radical change than may be necessary to compete in the future.

New Zealand gets substantial benefits from fee paying foreign students. But the globalisation of education may change things substantially, and we will have to lead, keep up, or lose out.

If Labour are really forward looking enough to see past the next election they should be next election they should be having a serious look at Future of Education.