Look, another petition

Petitions used to be an important tool in the democratic process, but now they are so overused they are easily ignored but politicians (unless they want to use them as justification for something they want to do).

Petitions are becoming so common, and it is so easy to get online ‘signatures’, most of them are a waste of time apart from being a means of harvesting contact details from those who sign up to them.


Influential youth

Who are the young people most likely to have a lasting influence on New Zealand politics?


Generation zero

You’ll find the former at the next party. Someone is spending millions of dollars, using them to settle an old score and but some personal attention.

You’ll find the latter all over the place – based here: http://www.generationzero.org/ – actively engaged and actively engaging in politics and promoting what they believe will help the planet and achieve better social equity.

One person with some pissed neuts, versus a campaign for a better world.

Generation Zero and the left

There’s obvious similarities between Generation Zero’s focus on climate change, sustainability, cleaner energy and transport and reducing fossil fuel use to the Green Party environmental policies. And also to the Internet Party’s environmental policies.

This will be obvious when Generation Zero rate the parties during this campaign as they rated candidates for local body elections (with strong correlations between support for their aims and left wing candidates).

While environmental policies needn’t be exclusive to the left (and they aren’t) both the Greens and IP are regarded as left wing parties, so it aligns Generation Zero fairly clearly with the left of New Zealand politics.

Generation Zero publicly indicated support for aspects of the Labour and Greens’ policies, including the focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Generation Zero Tells the Naked Truth About Our Transport Future:

Generation Zero’s has launched its 50/50 campaign, which is calling for the Government to allocate a greater share of its transport spending to “smart transport” options such as public transport and cycleways.


Generation Zero lays down election challenge in new report

Youth organisation Generation Zero has released a report today calling for political parties to show leadership on climate change by committing to develop and implement a plan that will see New Zealand phase out fossil fuels for all energy and transport needs by 2050.


That’s far removed from Act or National policies.

While their policies could in part at least be supported by any party Generation Zero focus is clearly far more closely aligned with the left than the right.

While Generation Zero is a non-partisan party in principal in practice it works alongside the left in New Zealand.

I applaud their aims, but I question the financial and social costs of fully implementing their ideals. It’s good to have a strong young person environmental lobby, but they are yet to learn the realities of the potential impact of making such major changes so quickly.

RockEnrol and Action Station

On a post on Kiwiblog Rock Enrol and the unions a commenter AG asks for a source for Generation Zero being a left wing group. Looking into this brought up some interesting names and causes in common.

Generation Zero is also a left-wing group.


If the folks running Generation Zero consist of three Green Party/Labour Party activist members under the figurehead of some ex-journo, then yes, there is a direct comparison to be drawn. I accept that.

Why three? Interesting that AG chose Generation Zero. Why not Action Station?

What is ActionStation?

ActionStation is here to enable the large community of Kiwis with shared progressive values to take powerful, coordinated action on urgent issues we care about.

“Progressive” is usually associated with the left wing. They say:

Who’s behind ActionStation?

Independent and member-led, we are affiliated with no political party, and answer only to our members.

The website is ” Authorised by Megan Salole” – she has been involved in setting up Action Station.

Megan Salole is a social innovator and agitator who is actively championing green issues, social justice and democratic voice.


And Megan has more then an interest in green issues, she was Green campaign director last election.

Campaign Kickoff! with Megan Salole

Megan Salole, National Campaign Manager, introduces hersef and kicks off the campaign!


See also her LinkedIn Overview, Past:

National Campaign Manager at Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

National Campaign Manager at Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand


Her web page About Me:

I ran the 2011 Green Party National Campaign.

I am in the process of establishing ActionStation – New Zealand’s own progressive community here to active call power to account.

And Metiria Turei commented on an Action Station job advertisement on her Facebook page: “Jobs like this are rare, closes Friday”.

Talking of Facebook, earlier this year Megan had a Generation Zero graphic on her cover page. Details of all of this: How Green is ActionStation?

There’s more at Happyzine, including:

8. Who should be NZ’s Prime Minister and why?
I am interested in a Co-Prime Ministership, and look forward to a time when extraordinary politicians like Metiria Turei and Russel Norman are at the helm.


The Action Station web address is registered under this name:

registrant_contact_name: Joseph Cederwall


Joe was involved in ‘Stand Up’, along with Megan, from which Action Station has evolved.

StandUp, an independent, citizen-led platform for online activism, will begin campaigning in New Zealand next month.

The first campaigns will potentially target asset sales, paid parental leave, coal mining in conservation areas and a sustainable rebuild in Christchurch.


There’s more than a little hint of left wing there.

‘We will enable tens of thousands of Kiwis to have their say,’ said acting director Joe Cederwall, a Wellington barrister. ‘New Zealanders believe in a fair go, yet there’s a glaring disconnect between the values of the majority and the actions of government and business. StandUp will collaborate with the growing progressive movement, to bring participation back into politics.’

There’s that word “progressive” again.

Joe’s profile on Loomio:

Oh – I’m Joseph Cederwall. I am a Lawyer, social entrepeneur and currently co-editing a journal on ‘the commons’ as well as working on a crowd investment platform. I was part of the team that founded ActionStation with the goal of seeing it create a citizen led campaigning tool and currently act as secretary of the society. I am currently very interested in exploring the potential of a ‘commons’ approach to resource ownership in New Zealand and how this could radically change the way we deal with issues such as indigenous sovereignty and environmental stewardship in the future.

Joe is keen on the Commons approach, see http://www.projectfreerange.com/author/joe-cederwall/ – this seems to be an alternative to property ownership and people holding wealth.

As AG likes to see three connections here’s another:

Laura O’Connell-Rapira is our Campaigns Director focusing on membership engagement. She’s been doing amazing things with RockEnrol and Oxfam, and we are thrilled to have her.

There’s those RockEnrol and Oxfam names again. And this from Volunteering New Zealand:

Campaign Director, Laura O’Connell-Rapira has joined forces with youth-led groups Generation Zero, AskAway and The Wireless, as well as various promoters, venue owners, and event organisers to build and activate political power for young people in Aotearoa.

And there’s that Generation Zero name again. And again here:

Who wants to be a Climate Voter?

Game shows don’t come with a bigger jackpot than a safe climate future.
Brought to you by Generation Zero.

Panel discussion – Laura O’Connell-Rapira.

On Laura’s Facebook page:

Organising a RockEnrol + AUSA – Auckland University Students’ Association + Generation Zero bass + beats + hip hop night on Thursday 24th July at SHADOWS TAVERN – your student bar. We have booked Third3ye + Tali.

Her take on Action Station:

ActionStation is getting ready to launch. Led by you, we are committed to making New Zealand a more fair and equitable country with thriving environments and an accountable government.

And up to July 2 2014 she worked at another name in common, Oxfam:

My last day at Oxfam NZ today. Thanks for the good times team. I love the wonderful work you do to bring about a fairer, safer, more sustainable & equitable world.

Laura organised a picnic and concert in March:

Another young organiser is Laura O’Connell-Rapira from Laingholm who is running New Zealand’s first post-carbon picnic and holding a concert with a one-of-a-kind soundsystem.

She specialises in creating “people powered parties with purpose” such as the post-carbon picnic which will encourage people to “share more and waste less” she says.

“It’s a celebration of what our lives will look like without being so dependent on fossil fuels, while also getting to experience the amenities New Lynn has to offer,” Ms O’Connell-Rapira says.

“The whole idea is to get a conversation going around how we use transport, food and how we consume material possessions and energy.”

Teachings in Dub with Lion Rockers HiFi will raise money for Generation Zero with reggae music blasting from the home-built, giant Lion Rock soundsystem.


A fundaiser for Generation Zero.

Matthew Beveridge also addressed the leftishness of Rock Enrol and it’s connections with other organisations in ROCK ENROL: NON PARTISAN OR NOT?

A group of young voters have started an organisation called Rock Enrol. It is based on the Rock the Vote campaign in the US.

On this page they make the following claim “Rock Enrol is a non-partisan campaign”. But there are some things that indicate this may not be the case.

The three people behind Rock Enrol are Laura O’Connell-Rapira, Sam Dyson and Lizzie Sullivan.

Laura O’Connell-Rapira has been in the media before, ‘Business hippie’ plans $1m eco retreat, she also runs Our Place Events, who claim to be “tree huggers”.

Sam Dyson is a key person in the Generation Zero campaign.

Lizzie Sullivan has been a little harder to track down, however a Elizabeth Sullivan made a submission against the VSM bill on behalf of The Victoria University Young Greens.

I also found a linkedin profile in the same name that has a number of details that indicate it is the same person. Who has worked for Caritas.


There seem to be quite a few people and organisations in common here. And a number of issues in common with the Greens and Generation Zero.

How Green is ActionStation?

Here’s some interesting links to a new “non-party political” action group.

Green Party leader Metiria Turei commented on her Facebook page “Jobs like this are rare, closes Friday” and shared this photo:

Action Station advertThis had been posted by Megan Salole who is the Executive Director of ActionStation. Salole also has obvious links to Generation Zero as per her cover pic.

“Generation Zero is made of up of young New Zealanders working together to secure a thriving zero carbon Aotearoa.”

About Generation Zero:

Climate change is the challenge of our generation, and young people are the inheritors of humanity’s response to climate change.

For that reason – Generation Zero, a youth-led organisation, was founded with the central purpose of providing solutions for New Zealand to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities & independence from fossil fuels.

Salole was National Campaign Manager for the Green Party in the 2011 election – see her Linked in Overview, Past:

  • Design Strategy at Conscious Consumers
  • National Campaign Manager at Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Social Innovator at Intersect Trust and Network for purposeful young professionals at Intersect
  • Chair at Sustainability Trust

The ActionStation advertisement leads to job details:

National Campaign Director

Our ambitious, not-for-profit enterprise seeks dynamic, multi-talented National Director to lead the organisation and revitalise progressive campaigning in Aotearoa New Zealand.

As National Director you will lead this exciting not-for-profit from its launch, shaping its day-to-day operations and overall direction as a major new presence in New Zealand progressive politics through the next election and beyond its launch to financial sustainability.

We will be going on to recruit the roles of Campaign Director, Technical Director and Membership manager.

It’s interesting to see what appears to be a well funded political activist campaign.

Action Station’s current campaigns are:

  • Fuel Poverty
  • Keep Our Assets
  • Paid Parental Leave

The job description:

Action Station Job description

And it includes a summary of ActionStation:

Action Station AboutAS is about people power, not party politics – “preserving complete independence from any political party”.

ActionStation party membershipSo ActionStation are trying to portray themselves as non-party political.

They just happen to have people and policies that are closely aligned to the Green Party and are promoted by a Green Party leader.