Wishart: Watson murdered with accomplice

Ian Wishart will be dishing out to media through the day on his book launch and claims about who murdered Ben Smart and Olivia Hope.

He started the day with Breakfast:

Next, it’s the double murder case that’s gripped NZ for more than 18 years. Journalist Ian Wishart is in studio next with his revelations

“Scott Watson had an accomplice in murdering Olivia Hope and Bed Smart”-Ian Wishart

“It wasn’t until I found the police file and went through the court statements that I realised we’d missed something really big”.

“I’ve always been a sceptic regarding jail house witnesses”.

“He’s hanged himself by his own hand.”

“We have never had the allegation previously that there was an accomplice… yet the evidence clearly proves it”.

Scott Watson’s father Chris Watson:

“A number of people have had that police disclosure and none have come up witha theory like that”.

“After all this time it would be hard to sort of pin the boat down”.

“I think he’ll laugh about that”-Chris Watson on how Scott Watson will react to Ian Wishart’s book.

“This accomplice thing is a dollar each way… it’s just strange”.

The onus will be on Wishart to provide a compelling argument today.

Gerald Smart (Olivia’s father) has already seen Wishart’s book and is reported as saying there is no ‘smoking gun’ in it.


Gerald Hope on Wishart’s book

This was posted by Pantsdownbrown about Gerald Hope’s comments on Radio New Zealand about Ian Wishart’s book due to be released tomorrow.

What I took from Gerald Hope’s comments (considering he is reading Wishart’s book right now)

  • The book doesn’t ‘solve’ the case but essentially makes the case for Scott Watson being innocent more clear.
  • In the book’s conclusion Wishart has an unproven theory on what happened that night based on all the information that has come out since the trial – there is no smoking gun.
  • This ‘clarity’ of information has been enough to make Gerald Hope more doubtful as to Watson’s guilt to the point he has made himself available to the media for the next 24 hours and has again requested a personal meeting with Scott Watson.

Here’s the interview (audio): Olivia Hope’s father still wants answers after photo released:

A grainy photograph, supposedly taken of Olivia Hope days after police say that she was murdered raises questions about just what happened to the 17-year-old and her boyfriend, Ben Smart.

I’ll have a go at transcribing that later and posting it here.