Q&A: immigration, People’s party, global water

This morning on NZ Q&A:


Is it time for an immigration debate?

Political Editor Corin Dann talks through the numbers with Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse – has the Government got our immigration settings right?

People’s Party

A new party for immigrants, the New Zealand People’s Party will launch next month. Greg Boyed asks its leader, Roshan Nauhria, whether his party can succeed.

They might get a chance to respond to attacks from Winston Peters – see People’s Party none of Peters’ business.

Global water issues

Plus, KPMG Global Head of Corporate Citizenship, Lord Michael Hastings, has been visiting New Zealand to talk about global water issues. Corin Dann finds out what he thought of New Zealand’s water problems.


We also have an update on the situation of the young Mangere mother of three with a high-risk sex offender living over her back fence.

Joining our host Greg Boyed on the panel is political scientist Dr Raymond Miller, Islamic Women’s Council’s Anjum Rahmun and CE of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce Michael Barnett.