Grocery shop #3 under lockdown

We are doing out third trip to the supermarket today under more than five weeks under lockdown.

We’re comfortably lasting two weeks between shopping expeditions without stocking up much differently to pre-Covid and could easily stretch it out more.

It’s easy to get into a habit of shopping on demand with frequent trips to the supermarket, but it has been easy to adapt to much longer shopping cycles.

We haven’t done any other shopping at all during the lockdown. Haven’t needed to and haven’t wanted to.

I have plenty to keep myself occupied. I’ve been working nearly normal hours at my day job (from home), and am catching up on a lot of odd jobs that had been parked on my to do list.

There’s a few things I could do with for some projects I want to do but they can wait.

Income has been a bit less, but expenditure has been reduced even more. It shows how easy it is to go through money you don’t need to spend.

It would be good to get out and about a bit, to socialise, to go to a beach or whatever, but I’m fortunate to have a couple of hectares to muck around on so the lockdown hasn’t been a problem. I’m aware others have had to endure hardships, but it hasn’t been all bad for everyone. At least not for me.