Moanstream media outraged over half Easter egg

Social media has provided a forum for people to express outrage at many things. I saw outrage over hot cross buns going on sale just after Christmas (but not over raisin bread available all year round which is much the same thing).

Cadbury has been the subject over quite a bit of outrage over the last few years as they gradually them completely shut down their Dunedin factory, and changed how they made things.

Now the are copping the wrath of modern Easter perfectionists.

Newshub – ‘Blasphemy’: Kiwis outraged after Cadbury cuts Marshmallow Eggs in half

It’s quite funny seeing yet another form of Easter confectionery being referred to as blasphemy, with Easter being one of the most religious Christian times of year. It’s as if the only gifts brought to a fabled stable a couple of thousand years ago were whole chocolate marsh mellow eggs.

Easter won’t be so sweet for some Kiwis after Cadbury announced major changes to its popular Marshmallow Eggs.

The eggs have been cut into a half shape and no longer come in their individual foil wrappings.

“You’ll notice that our Cadbury Marshmallow Eggs look a little different this Easter,” it posted to Facebook.

“While we’ve combined two halves into one, there’s still lots of fluffy deliciousness with Cadbury chocolate to share around.”

The news has outraged New Zealanders, with people labelling the changes “disgusting” and “blasphemy”.

“You cannot call them eggs if they’re not egg shaped,” one person wrote on social media.

“You ruined the Roses chocolates and now you have ruined the Easter eggs. It’s only half an egg now. Won’t be buying,” another said.

Some people commented how much they enjoyed eating the chocolate in the middle, while others say the lack of wrappings will prevent them using the eggs in Easter egg hunts.

Cadbury says it understands some people will be disappointed by the new shape, but says it’s impossible to change back due to upgrading its equipment.

Do they mean scrapping their equipment in Dunedin and making them somewhere else overseas?

Perhaps modern technology rules out being able to make whole chocolate Easter eggs.

Whatever. This shows how trivial a lot of stuff gets in social media – and in mainstream media like Newshub. Perhaps they could be reclassified as moanstream media.

Labour: poor performance warrants halving salaries

Bad and good reasons for a salary reconsideration.

A Labour MP thinks that poor performance warrants cutting salaries in half. NZ Herald reports:

“The events of the last week have shaken the farming sector’s confidence in Fonterra, and the chief executive must take responsibility,” Labour’s Primary Industries spokesperson Damien O’Connor said in a statement.

“Theo Spierings should lead by example and voluntarily reduce his pay by half,” he said.

The events of the last seven years have shaken the political sector’s confidence in Labour.

Should O’Connor take responsibility and voluntarily reduce his pay by half? And Andrew Little and the rest of the Labour MPs?

Fonterra’s problems are largely due to global milk prices, which are affected by global demand for milk and global production of milk. Spierings is nowhere near fully responsible for milk throughout the world.

Labour MPs are a primary cause of Labour’s problems.

Another primary cause is a lack of party finances. Perhaps O’Connor will give half his salary to the party. Then he could ask his colleagues to follow his example.

UPDATE: Chris Trotter has already thought of something similar:

Well, here’s an idea (hat-tip to Danyl McLauchlan). Why not make it a rule that a MP cannot take home more than the average wage of, roughly, $55,000 per year. The balance of their income, $95,000, would go to the party. This would guarantee an annual income, from its current 32-strong caucus, of at least $3,040,000 per year, or, $9,120,000 over the three year parliamentary term.

UPDATE2: Matt Long comments on this at Kiwiblog:

Apart from world dairy prices falling Fonterra “forgot” to apply for access to the US market, alienated their shareholders, created a massive needless food scare and is seriously annoying staff with bureaucratic nonsense. We used to be very proud of the NZ Dairy Board, does anyone feel like that about Fonterra? Theo needs to step up or move on.

If that is at all accurate there’s valid reasons why Spierings’ salary and position could be questioned.