Letter – Harry Reid to James Comey

BJ Marsh asked me Yesterday to most the text of this letter from Democratic leader to then FBI director James Comey (August 2016).

Sorry I forgot, I blame Fridayitis.

For Al in particular, I have come across this letter from Harry Reed, the Leader of the Democrats in the US Senate. I found its contents quite interesting because it summarises what the basis is of the Democrat’s claim to the “unwitting” contact by Trump with the Russians. It also shows just how important the Seth Rich case, and the claim he was responsible for passing the DNC emails to Wikileaks is to the truth. Reeds letter:



For Gezza, I have noted your rebuttal of the evidence surrounding the Seth Rich case from his investigator and considered that alongside other comments and have tentatively concluded that Freeman has been got at by the opposing forces. Also, the Rich extended family’s outspoken representative is a Democrat employed media fixer, an has been completely compromised by his bias.
Al, what doe you think of the strength of the case against Trump presented by the Democrats?