Weinstein got away with it for a long time

Harvey Weinstein has been exposed as a sexual harasser – he has accepted some faults, but has denied non-consensual sex. His wife has separated from him over the revelations.

A number of actresses have now come out and say that Weinstein harassed them. How did he get away with it for so long?

NZH: How many fixers helped Harvey Weinstein?

 Finally, after decades, his come-uppance has arrived.

It’s an all-star cast of complainants. Not to mention the volume. The names just keep going, like donors on a crowd-funding site. He was prodigious, he was consistent. And his people – his efficient, whip-smart team of people – kept sending women up to the room.

Actresses went up to that doorway, to fulfil their dreams. But instead of a genie behind the door, doling out wishes, there was a creepy ogre instead, all-powerful, all-wealthy. Indeed, above wealth. Above even fame – so far above fame, he was capable of bestowing it.

The New Yorker site has police audio, taped by a brave actress who’d been molested by him previously, wearing a wire.

It’s chilling. He works every angle in the space of a minute, trying to get the actress into his room – good cop, bad cop, multiple-personality cop, beggar, bully, confidant, henchman, ally, assassin, and back again – no doubt the negotiating tactics that made him a successful producer. The menace is stone cold.

But the audio doesn’t seem to have been enough to start a prosecution.

When you’re a star, they let you do it. More like, help you do it.

How many fixers were there? The people who delivered the actresses. Then the people to draft the settlements, haggle the victims down to below six figures, collect the signatures promising silence, agreeing nothing had happened. What a team. They really put the HR into harassment.

The US legal and entertainment systems have allowed this sort of thing to go on for a long time, actively enabled by some, abetted by silence.

(It’s not clear whether that was written by Toby Manhire or Raybon Kan).

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