A bizarre obsession on Reddit

Some probably unremarkable news from ODT:  Mystery surrounds food court refurbishment

Renovations mean the food court in Dunedin’s Golden Centre Mall will be closed until early next year.

Centre manager Lee-Anne Anderson said in an emailed statement  the refurbished food court would reopen in 2019.

Plans for the project were still being developed and people should check on social media for updates,  she said.

It is not clear if the businesses previously operating in the food court would return once it reopened.

Food vendors contacted  yesterday did not want to comment about the situation or whether they would return to the new  food court.

The food court reopened in 2012 after $1.5million upgrade which began in the middle of 2010.

My guess is that this food court was a financial flop for the vendors. It never looked very busy.

So far, not bizarre, just curious news.

But this item was posted on Reddit: Mystery surrounds food court refurbishment

A comment in response:

OK, here’s what I understand. The food court is not going to re-open. Instead, the space has been leased to a venture called “123hnd”, which is going to use it as its worldwide hub for posting even more content online from what some call Shitty BlogsTM.

From what I understand, 123hnd wants to step up the output in 2019 and has brought in Pete George/Your NZ as a partner (because everyone knows that hnd123 is just Pete George), with Māori TV and Michael Reddell (croakingcassandra) also forming part of the team. Talks are still underway with Martyn Bradbury (The Daily Blog), with the hope that he will also join 123hnd at the former food court.

I’ve noticed a few times lately being the subject of lame attacks on Reddit. Some tere seem to be obsessed with ‘attacking the messenger’ while ignoring the topic of the post.

I can categorically say that I am not ‘hnd123’ and I don’t post or comment on Reddit at all. I saw someone claim once that I have been banned from Reddit – do they ban people who don’t use it?

This is just an example of the lengths some people go to to try to discredit people they have taken a dislike to for whatever reason. This is just the dirty nature of social media, and shows the inane stupidity of some.