Pin a tail on it and call it a weasel

If you pinned a tail on this you could call it a weasel apology.

‘Concerned Kiwi’:

Can’t handle this shit. I apologise for any false claims I have made, but under duress. Remove all my details from your files forthwith.

This was the end result of an exchange following Apology in order for perversion.

‘Way left of centre’ remarked:

Who’d have guessed that? A racist bigot nutjob in can’t handle being challenged with facts shocker.

‘Concerned Kiwi’ had previously reacted badly to being challenged for making a false and abusive comment on Kiwiblog – and that wasn’t a one off lapse in standards, Concerned Kiwi/IGM/Ian McKinnon has frequently been posting abusive, false, derogatory and potentially defamatory comments here and at Kiwiblog (at least).

His did say he would apologise: “I will unreservedly apologise for any claims that are proven false”. I’m not going to prove something I haven’t done – I guess I could try and get affidavits from electorate MPs and party officials that I’ve never been a party member and never stood for nomination but the onus is on Ian to prove his claims are correct.

Which of course he can’t do, they’re false – and also ridiculous. It’s absurd to even think that a non-party member could stand for nomination for electorates that have established MPs and no vacancies.

But people spraying accusations and abusive comments around social media don’t seem to think about what they say, they use any excuse to abuse. They think it’s all a one way attack on their targets and nothing will fly back at them.

And they seem to think they can get away with it with impunity As David Farrar said yesterday, and I reiterated, free speech is not free of consequences.

What they also fail to grasp is that building a record of abusive and potentially defamatory comments around social media is  on public record, potentially permanently.

I’ll address some of Ian’s reactionary comments.

Were you not declined for a seat in Dunedin?

No. I was asked to stand for United Future in Dunedin North in 2011, which I did. It was a fascinating experience. I’m not longer a member of UF.

I haven’t sought to stand for any other electorate anywhere. I have never been a member of any other party and have no intention of joining one.

It appears you are pissed off because you are shown no consideration on KB, getting your left-leaning comments withdrawn.

I’ve never had any comments ‘withdrawn’ from Kiwiblog. Some of my comments are unpopular, some are popular, some are ignored.

It is easy to understand why you are referred to as Don Quixote on a more professional post.

I’ve been referred as that by one person, Manolo, a regular troll and frequent liar at KB. Linking him to professionalism is laughable. Manolo is also the one who has accused me of seeking a Labour nomination, which as has already been pointed out is absurd, and I’m surprised anyone seems to have believed him.

Are you threatening me?

No, just pointing out the realities of the possible consequences of being a prolific abuser of free speech (speech is actually a privilege on blogs).

I apologise for any false claims I have made, but under duress.

Were the false claims made under duress? Or the Clayton’s apology?

Remove all my details from your files forthwith.

Why? Do you want David Farrar to remove all your abusive comments as well? Do you want all comments in social media removed?

You’ve put your details and comments on record. You have to live with that. If you’ve got a problem with it then you should have thought about possible consequences of what you have been doing long ago.

Quite a number of people think they have power and impunity commenting in social media. They forget how exposed they make themselves.

If commenting in social media be aware that it could be there permanently. Be aware that even if posted anonymously your identity may later become known and be associated with prior comments.

Don’t post anything you wouldn’t say face to face.

And don’t cry when you get challenged for lying and abusing.

Note: if someone posts something here they regret posting and ask I’ll consider removing it. I’ve done this occasionally. It helps if you genuinely regret what you’ve said. But I’m unlikely to spend all the time necessary to erase someone completely from Your NZ. Assume that if you say it, you have to live with it on record.

Ian – the option for a decent apology is always open to you. As is a right of reply here, in comments or as a post if you like.

Apology in order for perversion

Childishness and nastiness are common in political social, unfortunately. Some people either can’t debate or don’t want to debate, they resort to lies and smears, a perversion in a decent society.

Perversion is a type of human behavior that deviates from that which is understood to be orthodox or normal. Although the term perversion can refer to a variety of forms of deviation, it is most often used to describe sexual behaviors that are considered particularly abnormal, repulsive or obsessive. – Wikipedia

This comment was made on Kiwiblog yesterday, apparently simply because someone didn’t agree with something I had said.

IGM (1,186 comments) says:
April 29th, 2015 at 7:57 am

George: You are the weird bastard, not our popular and successful PM. You can’t even get nominated for a seat by the party of perverts.

Ian, that’s depraved nonsense, and you must know it’s a blatantly false accusation.

I’ve made clear a number of times that I’m not involved with any party and and am not seeking nomination by any party. I shouldn’t need to make it clear because this is nothing more than a variation of a made up attempt smear attempt. It’s a lie, and Ian should know this.

His dishonestly associating me with ”party of perverts” is a very poor reflection on himself. It’s abnormal, repulsive and obsessive. It’s sad that when Ian disagrees with something all he can do is resort to this sort of perverted behaviour.

And as he demonstrates here frequently it is far from a one off aberration.

Ian, if you have any decency you will apologise for this and retract.


“Capitulated to the mongrel bastards”

In Ugly reactions at Kiwiblog I linked to contentious Charlie Hebdo cartoons but chose not to show the cartoons myself because I don’t like offensively provocative satire and I don’t fully understand the French context.

The right to choose what one publishes is at least as important as the right to free speech and freedom of the press.

But a comment at Kiwiblog sees things differently. IGM:

DPF: I must endorse Fletch, it is good to see you have intestinal fortitude, unlike Pete George, who has capitulated to the mongrel bastards.

I think that’s a mongrel bastard accusation IGM.  Your attitude and intolerance is as bad in it’s own way as that of the terrorists. All you lack is their physical violence.