Sympathy for Slater?

I recently posted legal facts about the defamation cases against Cameron Slater at Kiwiblog. as usual there I got a mixed reception. One comment was from ‘Debbie’:

I really struggle to understand why some would have sympathy for Cameron Slater just because he *sometimes* posts right-leaning views.

Everything about him is disgusting. He has no sense of personal self-responsibility, he has leeched off the taxpayer for so long, he publishes absolute lies so long as someone will pay him, destroys people’s lives for fun, then when held account cries victim.

Even if the stroke is genuine, it probably has more to do with being a fat lardass who sits on a computer all day, every day, than the so-called “stress” of court cases – which could have easily been avoided by simply acting like a decent human being. (After all, noone has ever tried to sue David Farrar for defamation, even if they disagreed with his political leanings.)

If the stroke is real, it was a direct consequence of his unhealthy lifestyle choices. But it shouldn’t excuse him from the consequences of his shitty behaviour to other human beings, and whilst I might be tempted to laugh at his bankruptcy application, I have more sympathy for Matt Blomfield et al who may not ever receive any compensation for his defamation. Slater really is a piece of shit.

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No one commented in response. There were a few digs at me, including false claims. I responded to one with “I don’t have a palpable dislike for WO.” In reply to that Keeping stock posted:

Pass me a bottle of Tui please Pete. Just admit that you are reveling in Slater/WO’s demise. Be honest about it; no one would think badly of you given you got caught up on the fringes of his legal issues.

But please, stop pretending to be an objective, neutral observer here.

No criticism of Slater, but a swipe at me. I explained that I am not  “reveling in Slater/WO’s demise”, and I had not suggested I was “an objective, neutral observer here”.

I was included in a twitter thread last night that began:

This moved into a discussion on sympathy about Slater.

Some sign of contrition might change my view of him but that doesn’t seem his style.

So I added my thoughts on how I feel about it.

He and associates of his have tried to hurt me quite badly. Wife threatened. Home threatened. Family threatened. Home threatened. Online acquaintances threatened. Expensive legal action against me. Blog threatened. Liberty threatened. Criminal record threatened.

I have empathy and some sympathy for anyone who has a medical event like a stroke. Also for their family.

But I have some scepticism of severity of illness, with good reason. One of his ‘lawfare’ associates, Dermot Nottingham, used illness to try to defer and extend legal actions, and as an excuse for not complying with timetables and legal obligations, adversely affected many.


[7] Lastly, Mr Nottingham pleaded that the court also ought to extend an indulgence to him as a lay litigant and he asserted that health problems have affected his ability to prepare. We are not prepared to extend time on this ground. He appears regularly enough in the courts to eliminate any claim to dispensation for limited resources or unfamiliarity with process.


Result – hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs unpaid resulting in bankruptcy.

See: HONEY v NOTTINGHAM [2018] NZHC 2382 [11 September 2018]

In the APN, Allied Press, Prentice and my cases Slater was informant and ‘expert’ witness. In the Honey case Whale Oil was used to attack them, referred to on Twitter by another associate Marc Spring as ‘fucked over on Whale Oil’.

So, some sympathy for illness, degree reserved on proof of severity. No sympathy for Slater’s legal or financial predicaments, all of his own making.

As has said, no contrition from Slater whatsoever, on the contrary, he claims to be the victim and blames those he has attacked for his situation. As does Nottingham (many court documents show this, including his sentencing notes after 7 convictions).

So, some sympathy for the illness, with the degree of sympathy reserved pending facts about the severity of the illness.

Sympathy for family, especially children (Slater’s wife shares some responsibility for aiding and abetting and taking part in dirty attacks).

Zero sympathy for Slater’s self inflicted legal and financial situation.


Odd US embassy illnesses

Numbers of US staff at both their Cuban and Chinese embassies have been reported to have suffered from similar mysterious illnesses.

MSN: U.S. evacuates China consulate staffers as illness mystery deepens

The United States has evacuated some Americans from its consulate in the Chinese city of Guangzhou after an employee was confirmed to be suffering symptoms consistent with the mysterious illness that led to the removal of more than half of the U.S. Embassy staff in Cuba, the State Department said Wednesday.

Heather Nauert, the State Department’s spokeswoman, said “several” consulate employees had returned to the United States from China for further evaluation after they were screened as part of a task force Secretary of State Mike Pompeo created last month. The force is investigating reports of hearing, vision, balance and memory damage.

The State Department said in a health alert last month that the employee in Guangzhou reported “subtle and vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure” that had no immediate explanation. Pompeo said then that the employee’s symptoms were eerily similar to those reported by the Cuban embassy staff.

Doctors said in February that the symptoms among some 24 Havana embassy staffers were similar to those caused by concussions — headaches, balance problems, sleep disturbances and visual and hearing difficulties.

U.S. experts have said they know of no technology that would explain the symptoms.

But President Donald Trump and other U.S. officials have accused Cuba of having targeted U.S. personnel with some kind of “acoustic sonic weapon” for unknown reasons, an allegation the Cuban government has forcefully denied.

The State Department responded by pulling 60 percent of its workers out of the Havana embassy in early October and expelled two-thirds of Cuba’s staff in Washington.

Have they considered it could be US technology used to screen and block eavesdropping that could be having an adverse effect on their embassy employees?

Whale ill

Cameron Slater has posted at Whale Oil that he is suffering from a debilitating illness – Quick update on my health – it turned out to be not very quick as he responded with details a number of times in comments through the day, and has also commented on it on Facebook.

He says that it is stress related, after a tough year last year.

The stresses of 2016 have come home to roost, and it is something else I can thank Colin Craig and others for.  I’ll make sure I’ll bring this up as one of the outcomes of what happens when a rich angry man uses the courts for personal leverage without any merit to the case.   His last court room encounter with me was thrown out as vexatious before it even went to trial.  So I’m somewhat annoyed my left brain has decided to go all sookie on me and chuck it all in for a bit.

Jokes aside, I’m not in great shape.  I can barely work.  I’m on morphine to keep the worst of the pain at bay.  But you know me, I can still take and make phone calls, and I have a great team I can dictate, direct and delegate to so it is business as usual.

The others at Whale Oil say they are doing more to keep things ticking over on the blog but some are still appearing under the authorship of Slater.

When Slater recovers enough to think things through clearly he should do more than just blame others – it would be an opportune time for him to re-evaluate his approach to blogging.

Many of his old sources seem to have dried up since the ‘Dirty Politics revelations, so continuing to promote himself as a dirty political activist, and promising to get dirtier this year, doesn’t seem a very smart approach.

Slater could be incisive and hard hitting without resorting to murkier dirtier tactics – if he actually tried to be a well informed new media journalist rather than trying to be dirtier and click batier than the old media he keeps criticising he may be able to reinvent Whale Oil as an effective and credible media site.

One problem with Whale Oil is their commitment to half hour posts . This often results in repeats on the same topics, many times on some topics, which either look like fillers, or like promoting an agenda. There are too many petty repeats of whine-posts.

An emphasis on quality rather than quantity would declutter the daily post lists and would probably attract more interest. When skimming 20-30 post titles it’s easy to miss worthwhile posts.

Slater would do well to reassess his approach to blogging. He may not only improve Whale Oil, potentially substantially, but also reduce his stress levels. The latter may be essential if he wants to recover properly and avoid any recurrence of stress induced illness.

A tighter, better focussed and less dirty Whale Oil would be more effective as a media site and also as a political activist site. And it may mean the difference between blog and blogger surviving online or not.