Cabinet Minister willing to step down but won’t

NZ Herald reports that the Cabinet Minister who’s brother is facing child indecency charges is willing to step down from his position, but John Key doesn’t think it’s necessary.

PM John Key: Cabinet minister willing to step down if needed over brother facing indecency charges

Prime Minister John Key says a Cabinet minister whose brother is reportedly facing indecency charges was willing to step down if needed, but Mr Key was confident the issue could be managed without that happening.

Mr Key said the minister in question had advised Mr Key’s office about the situation as soon as the minister knew about it. Mr Key had sought advice on it.

“The advice I’ve received is that there is no conflict of interest and the issue can be managed. People appreciate that Cabinet ministers, like anyone else, have family but I’m quite confident the position can be managed.”

He said the minister was happy to step down if that was what was required. “But that isn’t the advice I’ve got.”

… the advice he received was “very thorough and that advice very clearly is to follow the action I’m taking.”

That will be criticised by some (who would criticise regardless) but it would create a problem of it’s own if the Minister stepped down – it would then be obvious who it was, effectively breaking name suppression.