NZ “plot to kill infidel”

An immigrant from Iran with Muslim parents has posted in social media of “Islam expert unravelling my plot to kill infidel”, along with the alleged accusation.


This sort of accusation is not uncommon online, with children of Muslim immigrants sometimes to be claimed to be a particular risk.

In this case the target claims to support “Middle Eastern feminism” – yeah, right.

They have responded to the Facebook insinuation via Twitter:

Just another Islam expert unravelling my life long plot to kill infidel as back bench Green MP

Of course this is  – a Green candidate pretty much assured of becoming an MP due to her Green Party list placing.

Golriz launched her campaign online last week and has been the target of a lot of attention, I have seen some of it on Twitter.

The Facebook post above shows how absurd some of the boilerplate anti-Muslim claims are, and Golriz chose comedy and sarcasm in response, but it is an awful example of the way some believe master Muslim conspiracy theories and tar all Muslims and immigrants with the same dirty brush.

Green Party profile:

Golriz Ghahraman

Middle Eastern feminism, Green activism and work in international justice have instilled a deep commitment to defending democracy for the most vulnerable.

Golriz’s story

Golriz is an Iranian-Kiwi refugee, lucky to escape war and persecution as a child.

Her studies at Oxford, and work as a lawyer for the United Nations and in New Zealand, have focused on enforcing human rights and holding governments to account. Golriz has lived and worked in Africa, The Hague and Cambodia putting on trial world leaders for abusing their power, and restoring communities after war and human rights atrocities, particularly empowering women engaged in peace and justice initiatives.

In New Zealand, she has a successfully advocated on rights issues before the Supreme Courts, she volunteers her skills to advocate for child rights, and most recently for family carers of disabled persons. She was part of the team that worked to prepare New Zealand’s non-governmental report to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Golriz has longstanding involvement in refugee and migrant rights activism, and is a prominent member of the Iranian community.

She is active in both the legal and NGO communities, as reflected by her board memberships of: Action for Children & Youth Aotearoa; NZ Criminal Bar Association; NZ Centre for Human Rights Law & Policy; and Super Diverse Women (Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business)

Justice drives Golriz – 12 yrs of legal practice, including post-conflict trials of world leaders and in the NZ Supreme Court. Her child rights and international human rights work have required specialised government lobbying and training of Ministry staff in New Zealand and overseas.

Her expertise as a human rights and constitutional lawyer will help bring effective legislative solutions for social justice, climate and environmental issues.

Golriz plans to make history as the first ever refugee to enter New Zealand parliament as a Green MP.

I wish Golriz well, I think she has the potential to be a very good New Zealand MP, if she can put up with all the crap that seems likely to be thrown at her if her first week online is any indication.

I don’t know if Golriz is Muslim or not, and I don’t care. Religion should be kept out of politics. As an immigrant with a very strong CV Golriz adds a valuable dimension to diversity in the new Zealand parliament.