Dope to dope

A soon to be released study will show that significant use of cannabis when young results in noticeable intellectual impairment at the age of 38.

This was mentioned during a Science Festival debate last night – “wisdom of age vs the enthusiasm of youth” – by the director of the Dunedin Study (Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study), Professor Richie Poulton.

The enthusiastic use of cannabis in youth can lead to a lack of wisdom of age.

(This is in my words from memory of what was said, plus my opinion).

Those who are not intellectually impaired will see the obvious – that too much abuse of your brain by drug taking will affect the function of your brain. And that continued excessive drug taking is risky.

I don’t know if the study will show that dope smokers are more likely to end up more dopey, or dopes are more likely to dope up. Possibly both, one leading to another which adds to the original, etc.

Booze to bozo?

Not mentioned but also quite likely is a link between excessive booze and bozoness. Once again bozos are more likely to booze too much, which in turn will lead to increased bozoness.

Most of us survive the use of recreational drugs, but the more mind altering substances we take the more chance there is of permanently alteraing our minds.