A broad global consensus on drugs

NZ Drug Foundation @nzdrug tweeted:

A brilliant video from @IDPCnet on the ‪#‎ungass2016‬“consensus”. @PeterDunneMP makes a cameo. ‪#‎supportdontpunish‬

A broad consensus? It’s time for change. #SupportDontPunish

Published on Jun 7, 2016

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For over half a century there has been a global consensus that drugs should be eliminated through punishment and repression. But this “consensus” has been ripped apart at the seams. Progressively more countries realise repression and punishment have failed. It’s time for change.

Video by Leo Kiss.
Footage from UNTV and Rights Reporter Foundation.

International Day of Democracy

Some of our politicians seem to have forgotten they are supposed to be representing us in a democracy but Parliament is recognising that today is the United Nations’ seventh annual International Day of Democracy.


International Day of Democracy targets public involvement

Today is the United Nations’ seventh annual International Day of Democracy.

As a New Zealander, you have both rights and responsibilities to take part in our democracy. These include voting in elections, being informed by Parliament about public affairs, being free to have political conversations, and showing tolerance for peoples’ different political views.

The United Nations – International Day of Democracy webpage has more information.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union

Also marking today is the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), which is a global organisation of parliaments. The IPU is promoting International Day of Democracy by highlighting the importance of public participation for democracy.

The IPU – International Day of Democracy website has more information.

You can participate in democracy through a select committee

Select committees provide all New Zealanders with a way to participate in our democracy. The select committee process allows anyone to have their say on proposed laws and inquiries being considered in Parliament.

Public submissions are central to our democracy. Select committees consider public submissions before presenting their findings in a report to the House of Representatives.

View the select committee reports to Parliament

Select committee ways of reaching the public

Lately there’s some new ways of keeping you informed about the work of select committees. These include: