Minto’s letter to Dotcom – everyone else’s fault

John Minto has posted an Open letter to Kim Dotcom at The Daily Blog – wishing Dotcom luck in his extradition case and blaming everyone else for everything that’s gone wrong.

He prominently promotes the revolution that failed:


Kia ora Kim,

Good luck with defending the government’s extradition case against you this week. Whatever the outcome in the District Court I’m sure it will end up in the Supreme Court eventually so there’ll be a lot of water to go under the bridge yet.

You are facing the wealth, power and wrath of corporate America because you provided an efficient means for people to share files on line which allegedly included some copyrighted songs and movies as is done on many internet platforms.

A class struggle. The poor people should be able to take what they like.

But instead of taking a civil claim against you Hollywood’s corporate moguls want to make an example of you. They want you in jail forever as the modern-day equivalent of the body left hanging on the scaffold for the vultures or the severed head on a pike… Don’t mess with us is their Mafiosi-type message.

A fairly extreme comparison. It’s possible (but is currently unproven) that Dotcom and his company profited from the encouraging of illegal downloads.

The political environment in which your case is heard is more critical than what the law says. A case of alleged copyright infringement has no basis for extradition hence the desperate claims of “conspiracy” and “racketeering”. If our courts have honesty, courage and backbone they will toss this out as a corporate-inspired abuse of legal process.

I’m not sure that’s how extradition law works. Conspiracy theories don’t count unless backed by evidence.

The truly embarrassing aspect is just how our GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau) and police fell over themselves to help out corporate America with their keystone-cops raid on your home. That’s an issue which will be addressed only when New Zealand withdraws from the five eyes network and develops an independent foreign policy. It won’t happen tomorrow but it will happen.

Off on a hobby horse tangent.

Your millions and uber-capitalist lifestyle are a turnoff to me but during the election campaign I was impressed with what I took as your genuine commitment to the progressive policies of Internet MANA.

A commitment by providing his millions – noted by many as an embarrassing contradiction for Mana.

Had you wanted us to change MANA policies – even with a single comma – we wouldn’t have had a bar of any relationship with the Internet Party. From our point of view your campaign donations that came with no strings attached were welcome. In contrast Labour and National’s very existence depends on corporate money which in turn depends on them adopting corporate-friendly policies.

Money from multiple donors to National and Labour bad. Millions from one donor with obvious self interest good. Good grief.

I have always disagreed with your analysis of the election outcome. It was not your so-called “poisonous politics” which defeated Internet MANA or lost Hone Harawira his seat as MANA MP. In fact the strategy MANA adopted in our decision to go into a strategic alliance with the Internet Party was a successful strategy. Hone gained more votes in last year’s election than he gained in the previous 2011 election and Internet MANA gained significantly more party votes than MANA received by itself in 2011.

(Hone’s vote in Te Tai Tokerau increased from 8,121 in 2011 to 8,969 in 2014 while the MANA vote in the Maori electorates increased from 25,889 to 29,207. The Internet MANA party vote increased by roughly 50% from the MANA 2011 party vote – up from 24,168 to 34,094)

The strategy failed. Harawira lost his seat and Internet-Mana failed to reach the 5% threshold by a long way. That’s not successful.

What lost Hone his seat was the political establishment of right-wing Labour MPs, the Prime Minister, National Party, Maori Party and Winston Peters all urging their supporters to back Labour MP Kelvin Davis. For most of the Labour Party leadership the highest priority at the election was to drive MANA out of parliament. Had Labour been able to get close to government it would have needed the extra seats Internet MANA could have brought to a Labour-Green-Internet MANA government. However Kelvin Davis preferred to be a backbench MP in a losing party than be part of a winning team to change the government.

Blaming Davis for campaigning hard and winning Te Tai Tokerau on merit for himself and his own party instead of rolling over for Mana and Dotcom is politically very naive.

Despite the election outcome I remain proud of the risk MANA took in the relationship with the Internet Party. We did so with our eyes open and as I said that aspect of our campaign was successful.

Failure is not success for most people. Perhaps for Minto it is.

I think where the Internet Party made a serious error of judgement was in the handling of the “moment of truth” meeting at the Town Hall a week out from the election. It was a “moment of truth” in its revelations of mass surveillance of New Zealanders by the US National Security Agency but this was buried in the media’s expectation of a more detailed revelation of John Key’s knowledge of your case much earlier than he claimed.

I agree on that, Dotcom’s grand campaign killer blow strategy was a disaster.

In any case that issue was never going to go far. Key has lied and dissembled so often about his memory on a whole range of issues that he would simply have shrugged his shoulders and most media would have accepted it and moved on quickly.

Fixated as they are on trivial political sideshows the mainstream media ignored the issue of mass surveillance and launched a tsunami of negative publicity – led by the Herald and TV3 – which swamped the Internet MANA campaign and dropped the party vote to less than two percent when it had been up to four percent a month earlier.

Blaming failure that was supposedly a success on everyone’s scapegoat, the media. An essential part of politics and election campaigns is managing media. Internet-Mana failed at that too.

Fixated as they are on trivial political sideshows the mainstream media ignored the issue of mass surveillance and launched a tsunami of negative publicity – led by the Herald and TV3 – which swamped the Internet MANA campaign and dropped the party vote to less than two percent when it had been up to four percent a month earlier.

The media did cover mass surveillance to an extent but it was sideshow amongst many election issues. Hoping to succeed in an election on a single issue that most people don’t care about is failure.

Your case has already been of importance to this country in helping reveal the extent of lying and illegal mass surveillance of New Zealanders conducted by the GCSB.

To an extent, yes.

This week it will be important for another reason. It will be a litmus test not of yourself and your internet activities but of just how independent our courts are.

Every court case is a test of the independence of our courts. Cases with well funded PR campaigns involved in particular.

Going by the way Minto has blamed everything and everyone else for Internet-Mana’s election failure there’s a high chance that if Dotcom fails to avoid extradition our courts will be blamed along with the evil USA and big business.

Minto is like others on the far left fringe thinking their cause is so just that if everyone was informed properly they would have their revolution – failure is success that is everyone else’s fault.

National up in silly season poll

The latest Roy Morgan poll is of minor interest but I wouldn’t bet the year on it – National up to 52%, they same as they were mid-last year.

  • National 52% (up 6% since November 24-December 7, 2014)
  • Maori Party 1.5% (down 0.5%)
  • Act NZ 1% (down 0.5%)
  • United Future  0% (unchanged)
  • Labour Party 26% (down 1%)
  • Greens 11% (down 1%)
  • NZ First 6% (down 1%

Apart from National hey are insignificant changes especially for this time of year.

  • Conservative Party of NZ 2% (down 0.5%)
  • Internet-Mana Party alliance 0% (down 1%)
  • Independent/ Others 0.5% (down 0.5%)

Internet-Mana down to 8% is one of the more notable results. The Internet Party seems doomed but Mana has been dragged right down with them.

Source: National surges in 2015 – Biggest lead since September 2014 NZ Election


“Puffed up little shit”

The reviews of politics in 2014 continue in holiday fillers. Today NZ Herald has The year of speaking dangerously: the worst gaffe’s of 2014.

Their number one gaffe (and “quote of the year”) is Pam Corkery’s “puffed-up little shit” tirade.

Hot on the heels of the Dirty Politics scandal, Ms Corkery was steaming after a TV One reporter grew indignant when told Kim Dotcom would not give interviews at the party’s official campaign launch.

That’s a Herald gaffe. It was TV3’s Brook Sabin.

“You puffed-up little shit,” Ms Corkery said. “He doesn’t want to. He said three times, ‘I don’t want to give you an interview.’ He’s not a candidate. He doesn’t owe you anything.”

‘He’ is Kim Dotcom. He doesn’t owe the media anything. But he was a prominent part of the Internet-Mana campaign, so avoiding awkward media questions was not a good look.

And Corkery’s outburst was a worse look. She was Laila Harre’s media manager. This was major mis-management.

Media commentator Russell Brown called the Corkery outburst “ruinous and unprofessional”.

It was certainly very unprofessional. Corkery was obviously annoyed and frustrated but having been an MP and in media she knows how it all works. She lost her cool.

Was it ruinous? It certainly didn’t help the Internet-Mana campaign, but Dotcom’s omnipresence was a major turnoff as well, and Harre’s willingness to dump principles to become a paid promoter of Dotcom’s vanity/revenge campaign didn’t help either. Nor did Mana and Hone Harawira’s bizarre alliance with Dotcom.

In the One News coverage of Corkery’s outburst they included the reason for wanting to interview Dotcom from comments he made at his party’s campaign launch:

And I hacked out German credit rating system, and put our Prime Minister’s credit rating to zero because I didn’t like the guy.

And you have all figured by now there’s another Prime Minister I don’t like.

He had been saying that at meetings around the country. Promoting his hacking because “I didn’t like the guy” on it’s own was ill-advised. But this was just after the Whaledump release of hacked data so it hardly surprising media would have an interest in possible connections between Dotcom and the hacking news of the day.

There were obvious tensions within Internet-Mana, with Harawira not speaking at the launch.

The pressure of the campaign and lack of control of the media narrative resulted in Corkery’s comment.

But Internet-Mana’s main problem was how voters saw who was willing to dish out shit but tried to avoid being held to account.

“Puffed up little shit” was a reaction but highlighted bigger problems. It backfired badly, drawing more negative attention to the perception of Internet-Mana’s own puffed up big shit.

Dotcom and Internet Party still blaming “the media”

Kim Dotcom and the Internet Party are still blaming “the media” for their unsuccessful election campaign.

Dotcom has been reported on TorrentFreak – Kim Dotcom Breaks Post Election Media Silence:

“The Internet Party failed to deliver meaningful change in New Zealand at the last election because of the media spin by our opponents,” Dotcom says.

“They have successfully turned me into a villain, a German Nazi, a horrible employer, a political hacker, a practitioner of prohibited digital voodoo magic and nothing short of a monster. I would hate that guy too if I didn’t know that it wasn’t true.”

Dotcom says that part of the problem is that he has powerful enemies who in turn have friends in positions of influence, including in the press.

“When you have the US Government, the NZ Government, all Hollywood studios and all major record labels fighting against you, you don’t have a lot of friends, especially in the media,” Dotcom says.

“They either own the media (like in the US) or control the media with their significant advertising spending. Their passion to destroy me and everything I do, because of a copyright disagreement, is almost as fanatical as some of the religious extremism I see on TV.”

So he thinks “the media” is a part of the conspiracy against him – even though a High Court judge has just ruled there is No ‘air of reality’ to claims “of a conspiracy between the United States and New Zealand Governments”.

A post at Endarken: You Be The Judge: 3 Different Versions of NZ’s “Moment of Truth”

That the entire mainstream media had Glenn Greenwald sitting in front of them, waiting to answer any question they had about mass surveillance, New Zealand’s role in it and Snowden’s revelations, and instead chose to attempt to saddle him with baggage from the ongoing Dirty Politics anti-Dotcom vendetta, is a travesty.

It was five days before the election and Dotcom had just failed to front up with evidence he had promised – the supposed original purpose of his town hall extravaganza. The media covered the Snowden and Greenwald aspects as well but it was a Dotcom show that was supposed to turn the election.

From an exchange on Twitter:

The “goals” of IMP, especially employment policy was barely mentioned by MSM.

Media also barely mentioned Loomio: that much of the policy was put fwd by members.

God forbid public be allowed to know there was real alternative to the status quo.

It’s a fair claim that the media generally favours the status quo but that’s well known and Internet-Mana had a massively funded campaign that should have been able to counter that,

The Internet Party’s social media manager :

So you’re saying small parties working to get in shouldn’t have a voice in media?

I responded “Of course small parties should get a fair go from media but favourable coverage is not a right” to which Callum replied:

But ethical and fair coverage of issues ought to be.Do you think current media presents shallow view?


The “goals” of IMP, especially employment policy was barely mentioned by MSM.


Was that a conspiracy or ad hoc chumminess in the lobby?

Election campaigns are very competitive with all parties trying to get media attention. The media far from perfect but most of the time tries to give a reasonably fair coverage.

Internet-Mana was a new and unusual political arrangement and I think they would have got far more coverage than their 1.42% proportion of the vote. Obviously not all of it was favourable coverage but that applies to all parties.

The Maori Party got almost as many votes – 1.32% – but would have received far less media attention, and who found out what their goals or policies were?

NZ First got 8.66% of the vote and I doubt they got any more – my guess is significantly less – media coverage than Internet-Mana. I don’t recall anything about NZ First’s goals or policies being covered.

Just about anyone in politics thinks the media doesn’t give them a fair go (including me). But how the media operate is well known.

Internet-Mana had a far bigger budget than any other party so should have been able to buy substantial coverage, yet they got much less vote than Conservatives (3.97%) and arguably more media coverage.

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party got about a third the vote of Internet-Mana but would have received a very small fraction of the media coverage.

In the end about 4 of each 300 voters chose Internet-Mana. Te Tai Tokerau rejected Hone Harawira.

Voters are perceptive and make their own judgements on both positive and negative media coverage, as David Cunliffe found out (some of his supporters also blame the media).

Feedback I got suggested that many people didn’t agree with the appearance of a rich person buying the election. They were suspicious of Dotcom’s motives. They saw a major disconnect between Mana and Dotcom, and Laila Harre and Dotcom and that was apparent as Harawira appeared to get uncomfortable and disillusioned.

Voters rate personality and perceptions of competence ahead of party policy, especially policies of small parties who are unlikely to have much policy success.

The “fuck John Key” event that was promoted by the Internet Party wouldn’t have helped. And so it goes on.

And in the end the Internet Party had claimed that they would be different and appeal to a different constituency – via the Internet. That bypassed the mainstream media. And it failed to get sufficient support.

The Internet Party failed at being an Internet Party.

And for all it’s deficiencies mainstream journalists have been around poitics for a while. They can be quite perceptive too. They could obviously see deficiencies in Internet-Mana and reported likewise.

The election is history. Dotcom and Internet-Mana made a big splash – and initially got disproportionate media interest plus unprecedented public interest in it’s many campaign meetings – and then sank.

Blaming others won’t change anything. And blaming the media won’t help any future political prospects.

Dotcom’s Assange announcement touches raw feminist nerve

Kim Dotcom has revealed that Julian Assange will participate in his September 15 town hall revelation show via video link. This will attract even more attention to Dotcom five days before the election, but it may not all be welcome attention judging by some initial reactions.

One News reports: Assange to help Dotcom drop ‘bombshell’ on Key

Kim Dotcom has revealed to ONE News the big international name who will play a role in the bombshell he’ll drop on the prime minister.
He says WikiLeaks founder and fugitive Julian Assange, who’s holed up in Ecuador’s London embassy, is set to take part in a pre-election attack on John Key.

“I can give you a hint. Someone who is currently locked up in an embassy might be on a live video link,” Mr Dotcom said.

He has already hired journalist Glen Greenwald, who made public the Edward Snowdon leaks. Now the addition of Mr Assange confirms the September 15 event will be about New Zealand’s spying.

Dotcom seems to like associating himself with international anti-spying ‘celebrities’.

Steve Park reacted at Public Address:

Given the announcement re Assange, I may have to resile from my ‘genuinely considering voting for IMP’.

@ColeyTangerina has been tweeting, suggesting it may not be a popular appearance amongst feminists )who have already expressed concerns about Dotcom):

Assange is confirmed for Kim Dotcom’s Auckland Town Hall big reveal. Nice company there. Please, tell me again how he’s changing the Left.

By inviting a twice alleged rapist avoiding trial to be part of a “Big Reveal”, Kim Dotcom & everyone involved show how they value survivors.

I wonder when we can expect Dotcom’s self-described “feminist” advisors like Bomber to be coming out against the Assange invite?

Nothing from Martyn Bradbury on this @CitizenBomber nor at The Daily Blog yet, I’ll update if he says anything.

No Assange hasn’t been convicted of anything yet, but if you don’t prioritise the right of survivors to at least bring him to trial, GTFO.

GTFO = ‘Get the freak out” or Get the fuck off”. Urban dictionary: “It is used to express indignation, usually towards stupidity, incompetence, or both. It can be used in response to something that is unwelcome.”

And frankly, survivors need people who believe them and stand with them, so if “BUT INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY” is your default GTFO too.

Remember this: Dotcom has advisors. This backlash against Assange would have been raised. It was disregarded. We were disregarded.

I’ve already had my full name and former workplace outed by TDB last time I kicked up a shit like this. I wonder what it will be this time?

Some responses:

Surely Assange is a pretty big get?

yup and it’s at the expense of justice for survivors, so their priorities are clear there.

Ugh, Assange. As if it wasn’t bad enough walking past a pro-Assange message on the street each morning.

Gross gross gross gross. IMP is a bro-left party who shout left while keeping the social politics of the right.

Survivors and survivor protection first, always. No compromise.


The Internet Party: perfectly fulfilling its brand promise to pseudo-libertarian tech-utopian redditor dudebros since 2014.

Assangehats of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your mana!

Dotcom Ass-bomb

Comments on One New’s Facebook page are also mostly negative.

Tracey Cooke:

How dare these two people (Assange and Dotcom) hold our free elections to ransom by hoping to change who people vote for by scare tactics. What a disgrace. I never thought I would see NZ become a play-thing for such fools. Liking National or Key is not really the question anymore its about our country. Selling our freedom of choice is way worse than selling our land. Labour, National, Greens they are all politicians but I wish these grand-standers would go cause trouble else-where

Mike Halliday:

Let me get this right…..a convicted criminal on the FBI’s wanted list is going to get someone who has been dodging justice by hiding in a dodgy South American embassy for two years is going to drop a bombshell about the PM of an internationally insignificant group of islands at the bottom of the world? Really? Do grow up people……

Dotcom’s pre-election self promotion always risked over-shadowing the Internet-Mana campaign. His desire to get international attention risks blowing up on him and his party locally.

Another ring added to the campaign circus.

More opposition: Fightback opposes platform for Julian Assange

Fightback supports Internet MANA as an alliance between radical indigenous and progressive tau iwi forces, challenging the neoliberal consensus.

Providing a platform for Assange, and other men with a misogynist history, discredits the movement against transnational exploitation and repression…

Fightback opposes any platform for Julian Assange.

UPDATE2: Martyn Bradbury has now posted on this at The Daily Blog.

Wikileaks founder and the engineer of revealing some of the largest abuses of power in the modern era, Julian Assange, is rumoured to be appearing at the September 15th Town Hall meeting.

Assange would join award winning investigative journalist Glen Greenwald and other guest speakers to put the argument that we face a new threat of mass surveillance and how Kim’s case is a battlefront in that new war against our civil liberties.

Assange however could be a controversial choice for some. His extradition to Sweden to answer questions on two allegations of sexual assault will have some claiming this is another example of rape culture where the victim isn’t being respected.

That sounds more like Martyn the political hopeful talking rather than Martyn the feminist sympathiser.


And now Assange given a platform? wtf. That some ppl are perpetuating rape culture in the name of ‘changing the government’ is despicable.

Personally I think the whole song is threatening. My main concern is SK is a young woman being tormented bc who her father is.

Dotcom on hacking and Corkery’s reaction

Most of the media attention on the Internet-Mana campaign launch yesterday  was on Kim Dotcom’s comments on hacking and Pam Corkery’s handling of media afterwards.

3 News report in Internet Mana launch ends in chaos that Corkery’s tirade included

“You puffed-up little s**t,”. He doesn’t want to. He said three times, I don’t want to give you an interview. He’s not a candidate. He doesn’t owe you anything. When will you glove puppets of Cameron Slater just piss off?”

This happened after media interest in this part of Dotcom’s keynote speech.

Dotcom denies he’s the hacker behind Dirty Politics, but at the party’s campaign launch today said this.

“I hacked our German credit rating system and put our Prime Minister’s credit rating to zero because I didn’t like the guy. You have all figured by now there’s another Prime Minister I don’t like.”

A comment like that was always likely to raise attention.

Dotcom has been boasting about his hacking history in the Internet-Mana meetings around the country. I heard him in Dunedin. I think this is different. This is the report on his Invercargill meeting at Stuff

He hacked Nasa “because I wanted to know if aliens really exist”. He hacked a bank “because I wanted to donate $20 million to Greenpeace because I really like what they are doing”. He also hacked to bring the German prime minister’s credit rating down to zero “because I didn’t like the guy”.

Being at their campaign launch is significant, where Dotcom was prominent –  ‘Super hero’ Dotcom kicks off campaign. And I think the direct connection with not liking our Prime Minister is different.

So Dotcom seems to have accidentally or deliberately linked his hacking nineteen years ago to the current hacking.

A comment at Kiwiblog on Corkery’s response:

Her ‘tirade’ still helped Internet Mana get headline news – so at election time how is this a bad thing?

And this at Public Address:

The outburst by Pam Corkery acheived the objective of getting the National Party launch out of the top spot on the news. I’ve been wondering whether it was a deliberate spoiling tactic. Or maybe all that happened was that Mr Dotcom or some other seniopr person in IMP asked Ms Corkery to go outside and distract the press so that he could make a getaway, and the rest was unscripted, but very very effective at getting the top spot on both TVNZ and TV3 news.

While it’s possible Corkery deliberately went off at the media (I doubt it) why would she deliberately want to highlight that particular issue?

That wouldn’t seem to be very smart. Surely it would be one of the last things Corkery would want to attract media attention to.

It could have been a slip by Dotcom. And it could have been over-reaction from Corkery because it is closer to the mark than Dotcom has usually admitted.

Standard promotes Labour over Greens

The party opening addresses were televised last night (competing with the All Black-Wallaby test which is nuts).

The Standard has posts of both the Labour and Green addresses, but have chosen to promote the Labour address as the primary post today.

Labour Green opening addressesThey were posted at similar times last night, but the Labour post has been given prime position on the blog.The Internet-Mana address has been added to the Green post rather than posted separately.

Possibly as a result of greater prominnence given the Labour post and probably due to greater interest in Labour at The Standard it currently has significantly more comments.

Poll hits dirt, rewards clean

There can be many reasons for poll movements but whether by coincidence or not the parties most associated by dirty smear politics have all dropped in the latest NZ Herald poll, and parties not associated with dirt have gone up, especially the Greens.

Dirty parties:

  • National 50 (down 4.9)
  • Labour 25.2 (down 1.3)
  • NZ First 4.3 (down 0.3)

Clean parties:

  • Greens 13.7 (up 3.8)
  • Conservatives 2.6 (up 1.4)
  • Maori Party 0.7 (up 0.2)
  • Act 0.6 (up 0.6)
  • United Future 0.4 (up 0.4)


  • Mana-Internet 2.1 (down 0.1)
  • Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis (down 0.1)

Having made that point poll to poll movements are not as important as trends.

Herlad poll trends Aug14

  • National’s last poll result may have been an outlier.
  • Labour continue to trend down.
  • Greens have surged but time will tell if it is temoporary or becomes a positive trend.

Herald poll trends small Aug14

  • Winston Peters has been struggling to sustain a profile in a very competitive media.
  • Conservatives will be hoping they are on the rise but 5% is a long way up from there.
  • Internet-Mana climbed initially but may be leveling off.
  • Maori, Act and United Future will be grateful for any scraps they can get.

The poll of 750 respondents was conducted between August 14 and 20 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 per cent. On the party vote questions 12.5 per cent were undecided.

Source: Greens spring in polls as National takes hit

Internet Party poll reaction ‘fun police’

There were interesting responses from the Internet Party to yesterdays two poll results. They tweeted:

.@ONENewsNZ poll has #InternetMANA at 4% before we’ve even launched our campaign. NZers realise its time to change.

Support for Internet Mana had doubled in the One News poll from two to four percent – but the 3 News poll had them down 0.2 to 2.0% so mixed results and far from a comprehensive vote of support for change.

And I pointed this out and got a response:

Some New Zealanders may “realise it’s time to change” but the unknown is how many. Can’t generalise.

Thanks fun police. Gees Louise.

Valentine is the Social Media Engagement Manager for the Internet Party. Miriam Pierard @miriampierard – Internet Party Spokesperson for Education and Candidate for Auckland Central – favourited his tweet.

It’s no fun having a flawed claim pointed out? The exchange continued:

You must be a riot at parties. “Excuse me, not everyone might want to put their hands up in the air – EXCUSE ME”

This is politics – if you want credibility don’t cherry pick polls and don’t make sweeping unsupportable claims.

“Referencing a reputable poll in an exuberant fashion.” add it to my Pete George rap sheet.

Exuberance is good but 4% (or 2%) doesn’t represent ‘New Zealanders’. Polls suggest most don’t want change.

Kim Dotcom joined the cherry picking of polls:

is now at 4% in the polls. ChangingTheGovernment™

It’s not unusual for politicians to promote positive news and try to ignore less positive or negative news. It’s also not unusual for parties to misrepresent what polls mean.

It’s different to see them complaining that pointing out flaws is “the fun police”. Politics is not an online game.

Key ‘lying’ versus Mana accusations

Internet and Mana campaigners are shitting in the campaign nest, then crying foul.

There’s an interesting comparison of posts at The Daily Blog. In one Martyn Bradbury blasts John Key for ‘lying’

What’s worse than Key lying about Internet MANA effigy burning on Breakfast TV?

The shrill scream of the right at trying to paint Internet MANA as some sort of fascist movement would be laughable if it wasn’t actually being promoted by the mainstream media.

No attempt is made to substantiate the accusation  the John Key lied about anything, although Laila Harre has also promoted the lie claim.

“The Prime Minister cast a slur and told a lie on your programme yesterday,” she said.

“You presented that video to the Prime Minister and you knew from your research, or should have known from your research, that it had no relationship with the internet Party.”

The effigy-burning video appears to have been first posted on a Facebook page called National Party Billboard Makeovers, which features pictures of defaced National Party hoardings.

TVNZ aren’t apologising.

However, although a TVNZ spokeswoman confirmed last night that a complaint had been received from Internet-Mana, “we’re not making an apology”.

Mr Christie had not suggested any connection between Internet-Mana and the video, she said.

“It was the PM who made this association”.

And neither is John Key but he has explained further.

Mr Key later said he was “not in the slightest” worried about the threat of legal action over his comments.

Asked whether he thought Mr Dotcom was behind the effigy-burning video, Mr Key said: “I don’t honestly know. That was the way it was indicated.

“My broader comments were really around the one that internet-Mana put up on their site that they actively encouraged people to watch, and look, in the end New Zealanders will judge whether that’s all positive.”

Harre’s Internet Party left itself wide open to being connected to less savoury campaign tactics after it promoted an abusive video featuring Kim Dotcom with a chanting crowd – a video that Harre defended.

Now she is complaining that an association is made with another video showing similar chants.

Immediately below the ‘lying’ post at The Daily Blog is a featured guest post by Mana Party candidate Joe Trinder:

GUEST BLOG: Joe Trinder – National still destroying billboards? 

This post makes no attempt to back up the headline accusation.

DailyBlog hypocrisy


The Daily Blog is strongly promoting the Mana Party, the Internet Party and Internet Mana, led by Martyn Bradbury.

Both Bradbury and Harre seem to be so wound up in campaign attack mode they fail to see their double standards and hypocrisy.

Internet and Mana are dishing it out but taking offence when it’s thrown back at them. They’re reaping what they are sowing, and crying foul when they are the substantialy behind the fould wind to blow over this election campaign.