Trump: standing up to hate and intolerance

Doing what a president needs to do – speaking against hate and intolerance, and against violence.

Politico: Trump in tweet: Portland attack ‘unacceptable’

President Donald Trump on Monday morning condemned the attacks in Portland, Oregon, where two people were killed after trying to intervene as a man delivered an anti-Muslim rant directed at two women on a train.

The tweet was sent after Trump arrived to give remarks at the Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day.

On Saturday, three men were allegedly attacked after they tried to stop a suspect, Jeremy Joseph Christian, from verbally disparaging the women, one of whom was wearing a hijab.


Weka Farm rule 1

Weka is a regular at The Standard who often takes major offence at anything she deems to lean towards sexism or racism, so you might thing she is a champion against prejudice and discrimination.

But she’s a selective champion against discrimination, and hypocritically chooses to actively discriminate against people she disagrees with (I guess) politically.

I’ve been happy to let Shane post here, he wanted to get information out and I support anyone trying to do that whether I agree with them or not. I like to promote free speech and informed discussion.

Shane links to his post here from elsewhere, including The Standard. When he started doing that he was jumped on and lambasted by a small but vocal number of regulars there, simply because of the association with me. Some of them said they were interested in what Shane wrote about but wouldn’t follow the link because it was to here.

So Shane set up his own blog and started provided a link to that as an alternative for those who were too bloody minded to come here. But even that isn’t good enough for Weka.

Today Shane posted at The Standard:

My last blog post on medicinal Cannabis for a while, this time not based around pain, but the Anti Nausea and appetite stimulating effects and their positive impact on a patient suffering from HIV

Alternate address for those not fond of beige.


Sorry, but have stopped reading until the entanglement with Pete George is gone. By all means post on his site too, but when you link like you do, here of all places, it’s a distraction and plain rude (I suspect you don’t fully understand the extent of the trouble PG has caused here).


To this day I am still blissfully unaware sorry. I only sign in to write my piece, then i’m out again until next week…


I think it’s been pointed out to you a number of times. My comment isn’t about you posting at yawnz, it’s about how you link here. Your choice of course.

Weka doesn’t seem very blissful but she is unaware of the trouble her active intolerance of others might cause. It’s not just or necessarily because she disagrees (as demonstrated by this pettiness against Shane), with me it seems to be little more than she decided long ago that I was someone who should be shut out and shut up.

Of course everyone can choose to themselves which links to follow but Weka’s obsession with trying to discourage anything to do with me is bizarre.

But it’s not uncommon at The Standard, they make an art form of discouraging any participation or association with any voices they want to shut out and shut up.

I believe Weka is a promoter of the Green Party. She gets support from within her wee Standard clique but that association doesn’t do any credit to the Greens amongst the much wider audience who read The Standard.

Weka Farm rule 1: Discrimination is forbidden unless I don’t like them!