South Island from 330 km-ish

The International Space Station orbits at a mean altitude ranging of 330 (it needs periodic boosts to restore it’s altitude).

Here is a photo of the South Island of New Zealand posted on Twitter by @Thom_astro:


Thomas Parquet:

Européen Français, pilote de vaisseau spatial à l’ESA en mission pour six mois sur l’ISS / Euro-French spacecraft pilot at ESA, now on 6-month ISS mission

More interesting pics of different parts of the planet from him  here.


On the top of the world

New Zealand is usually tucked away at the bottom of a glob or at the edge of the map, unless we are left off altogether,

But this time lapse sequence taken from the International Space Stationshows New Zealand at the top of the world – with the South Island coming first (ok, second after Stewart Island) and some cloud shrouding up north somewhere.

ISS Timelapse – From New Zealand to sunset (24 Gennaio 2015)

(The link is good but the embed code doesn’t link correctly)