Curran copped the blame for Cunliffe’s “staffer”

The Labour IT document leak story didn’t make sense yesterday – see Has Curran been thrown under a bus in snowballing SNAFU?

Curran is now claiming she jumped under the bus.

Stuff  report: Labour ICT doc sent from Cunliffe’s office

Labour has confirmed that documents on its information technology strategy accidentally sent to the Government came from David Cunliffe’s office, not Clare Curran’s as widely reported yesterday.

Curran  yesterday gave reporters copies of an email saying the documents had been accidentally sent from her office to that of Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams.

Labour’s chief press secretary, Simon Cunliffe, last night confirmed that the email sent in error came not from Curran’s office but from that of the Labour leader.

Simon Cunliffe would not say who the staffer was.

Curran today denied that the media had been misled, saying they had not listened to what she had said.

She had decided to “take responsibility” for the email breach even though she had no authority over the staff member involved.

“Because I don’t want a staff member to get the blame for a mistake, and I think that’s really important,” she said.

“I think a member of Parliament or minister or whatever should take responsibility. Nobody forced me to do it.

“The judgment was made that it would be used against us, and so I’ve fronted up and taken it on the front foot and taken responsibility for that.”

That’s bizarre. Curran says she took responsibility for something she didn’t have any responsibility for.

This clarifies some aspects of the leak sorry but in ways it’s even more bizarre.

Where was Matt McCarten in managing this? Did he sweet talk Curran into taking one for the team or something?

Yesterday Curran was not doing interviews, not tweeting (unusual for her). A day later she claims noble intent and took responsibility.

This story still doesn’t pass the credibility test.

Has Curran been thrown under a bus in snowballing SNAFU?

Has David Cunliffe thrown Clare Curran under a bus to avoid the blame for yet another Labour fiasco?

ODT/APNZ Labour accidentally leaks policy details:

Labour has revealed it sent internal policy documents and speech notes for leader David Cunliffe to a Government minister.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) spokeswoman Clare Curran’s staff accidently emailed the documents to Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams.

Who emailed it?

Vernon Small in Cunliffe’s worst day:

His admission came as associate ICT spokeswoman Clare Curran’s office emailed an outline of the party’s ICT plan to Communications Minister Amy Adams.

Curran quickly released the document to the media, but the copy she provided was an earlier draft and Labour was then forced to release the version actually sent to Adams.

There’s a number of odd things about this.

And notes for a Cunliffe speech were also in the email –

The background notes were for a speech that Mr Cunliffe was scheduled to give yesterday morning.

– why would Curran have Cunliffe’s speech notes? There are claims the email wasn’t sent from her office.

Clare Curran did not send out Amy Adams Labour’s IT policy ideas – Labour says blame is with “a staffer”

I’m reliably informed it came from Cunliffe’s office, Curan thrown under bus by his team, another cock up from leader

iles Erwin sent out the clarifying clarification. #primesuspect

I don’t know if he still is but Erwin has been the Labour Party press secretary.

This morning:

RadioLIVE Newsroom@LIVENewsDesk 

Clare Curran denies her office intentionally leaked Labour’s I-C-T policy ideas to Communication Minister Amy Adams

One accusation has been that the leak was an ABC faction attempt to further destabilise Cunliffe’s leadership.

Curran refused to speak with Radio NZ yesterday. She is trying to leave yesterday behind her:

Clare Curran@clarecurranmp 

We stuffed up yesterday. Let’s hope today’s better. One good thing is that there’s now some bold policy ideas out there ripe for discussion

Note the use of “we”. Curran is usually a frequent tweeter, that is her first since Monday.

Has the blame been dumped on Curran? Labour are a bit of a train wreck at the moment but even ion that context there are some strange aspects to this cock-up.

Has Cunliffe thrown Curran under a bus? If so was he trying to avoid getting yet another fiasco added to his snowballing SNAFU?

UPDATE: Whale Oil is on to the Dotcom connection.

How much of Labour’s ICT policy did Dotcom write?

My sources inside the grounds of the Dotcom Mansion tell me that these proposals were the exact ones discussed with Dotcom, indeed promoted by him and that extensive meetings were held after Curran’s two visits to the mansion to discuss them and flesh them out. Make no mistake this policy is Dotcom’s policy…the source are adamant that this is what has been planned all along.

With all the secret meetings, and now secret donation trusts one has to wonder just who are the anonymous other parties who donated, and given the leak of a policy document that bears an uncanny resemblance to policy discussions held at the mansion questions might be validly raised.

UPDATE2: lprent at The Standard:

National’s ICT failures

And no it wasn’t Clare Curran who screwed up. She just took the hit.

UPDATE3: It’s now been confirmed that the document leak came from Cunliffe’s office and Clare Curran had no responsibility for it but she decided to take responsibility “Because I don’t want a staff member to get the blame for a mistake, and I think that’s really important.”

Some clarification but more bizarre – Labour ICT doc sent from Cunliffe’s office