Green Party relaunch – ‘Love New Zealand’

The Green Party are ‘resetting’ their campaign and relaunching it this afternoon.

James Shaw acknowledges that things have been messy. He said he entered politics to campaign on climate change, against poverty, and for a better standard of politics. He says that over the past two weeks Greens have acted as poorly as other parties.

Their ‘new’ slogan is ‘Love New Zealand’ – recycled from 2014.

He also announces a new caucus leadership team.

  • Marama Davidson – ending poverty
  • Julie Anne Genter – climate change
  • Eugenie Sage – cleaning up rivers

They are the next ranked MPs, and now Shaw is sole leader this is s sensible campaign strategy.


Solidarity and resistance?

This is an odd call for support for the Greens resetting and restarting their campaign after a disastrous couple of weeks.

Odd solidarity with no James Shaw in that photo – I wonder if that is deliberate. He is supposed to now be the sole leader, heading efforts to rebuild a tattered party.

The post is by ‘weka’: The Greens: solidarity and resistance

Solidarity and resistance sounds like it comes from a century ago, when poverty was far more widespread and worse, and social welfare barely existed.

The Greens are an enigma for some, and this is understandable because they don’t fit into the neat political boxes that the establishment deem real. They also are an inherent challenge to the establishment just because of who they are, so we can’t expect those part of the MSM invested in retaining the status quo to tell the story straight.

In my opinion it’s always better initially to listen to what the Greens have to say themselves. Here are the words of Green Party people speaking in the past few days,

Green MP Marama Davidson,

We will not forget the thousands of you who came to us with your stories of hardship.

This is just the start. All of your voices, the voices who came to us in trust and faith – are our priority. Ending poverty is a priority. We have the plan, and the political will, and most of all we have every single one of your stories driving us on.

We are 100% behind our sole co-leader James Shaw who will take us through the rest of this election. We are 100% behind Metiria who will continue what she started in her ongoing campaign for the party vote. We are 100% behind our strive to ensure that everyone can live dignified lives.

Green MP Jan Logie speaking on Back Benches,

I tell you something. We are going to NOT let (Metiria’s) sacrifice go for nothing. We are going to double down and do everything we can to make that worthwhile. To end poverty.

Double down on a disastrous own goal that has severely weakened the Greens?

James Shaw, co-leader of the Green Party (video at 4 mins)

I am committed to ending poverty in this country.

We are the party that aims to end poverty. Frankly everybody else is interested in tinkering around the edges. We’re the only party that’s drawn a line in the sand and said we know what it takes to lift 212,000 children above the poverty line.

That was to be really clear that the Greens are still strong on the kaupapa of ending poverty.

For the people on the look out for the environmental side, there’s a plethora of solid Green Policy already in place and based around NZ becoming world leaders on climate action, cleaning up our rivers, and ending poverty.

Metiria Turei started the Green Party campaign last month with a speech that started the temporary rise and then dramatic fall of the Greens (and precipitated a dramatic turnaround for the better for Labour).

Green MPs and Green supporters were blind to the risks and to the damage being done to their party. They attacked anyone who pointed out their problems or who criticised Turei or the party. They happily criticised and rejected two of their own MPs who were troubled by integrity issues.

If they want to ignore all of the problems the brought upon themselves, or just blame others – in particular the media which is seen as just a part of the establishment to be resisted – then I don’t like their chances of repairing the substantial damage they have caused themselves.

No matter how Shaw tries to repackage the Green campaign today, if the Green supporters who remain active continue the Metiria mission it may take an election disaster to get the message through.

If Greens generally follow the gist of what weka has posted through the campaign then I think there’s a real chance of them dropping through the threshold and crashing out of Parliament altogether.

That would be a real shame, but the Greens seem intent on doubling down – and down, and down.

Calling for solidarity and resistance may turn the Greens around, but it could also make a disaster permanent for the socialist sisterhood.

The Nation: James Shaw and the Greens


James Shaw will be interviewed by Patrick Gower on The Nation this morning about ‘what’s next for the Green Party’.

Shaw has had a torrid week trying to support Metiria Turei, and then when she stood down trying to tidy up the mess. This will be a very interesting interview.

Pre-interview update – the Green Party Executive has declined Kennedy Graham’s request to be reinstated on the party list –  Greens won’t let Graham back on list

That won’t help heal divisions.

The first part of the interview was a waste of time. Shaw wouldn’t say what the Greens plan to change in their campaign until it is announced later this weekend.

Also a wast of time were questions about Kennedy Graham, the interview was recorded yesterday and we now know Graham won’t be allowed back in.

Shaw stood his ground on a couple of things but generally this was a week interview, he looks a bit like Bill Rowling, who Muldoon called a mouse.

Shaw wouldn’t say whether Greens would sit on the sidelines if it meant a Labour+NZ First change of government.

A lot of work for Shaw and the Greens to repair and rebuild.

Shaw mentioned ‘conversation’ a few times – this interview was more like a gentle conversation than a strong indication of a new start for the Greens under a sole leader.

Quite notable – the panel discussion was solely about the Joyce-Robertson debate and about National and Labour policies.

No mention of Shaw or the Greens.

Greens catching up online

Yesterday I posted about how the Green Party had not updated the online presence of ex-co-leader Metiria Turei – see Turei still shows as co-leader. They are now stating to catch up with events earlier this week – Turei resigned as co-leader on Wednesday.

Their website now features Shaw on their home page with Green supporters and no Turei.


Turei still co-features with Shaw on the photo linking to Our People, but on that page she has now been relegated to the rank and file MPs/candidates. The new top of the pecking order:


Two males only in the top nine. The next three (10-12) are male but may now be borderline to get into Parliament.

No Turei ( she is on the sixteenth row down), and no return of Kennedy Graham.

Turei’s Twitter profile still show her as Green Party Co-leader & MP for . Apparently “quite cool if a little obscure”

 still features both Shaw and Turei in it’s header photo, which is the same as on their Facebook page:


A leadership change means a lot of changes need to be made across social media and in all their advertising and on Billboards. The Greens intend to relaunch their campaign tomorrow.

Shaw will feature on The nation this morning.






Turei still shows as co-leader

The Green Party, usuaally slick online, quickly removed Kennedy Graham and David Clendon off their list of ‘Our People’ after they withdrew from the Green Party list.

But Metiria Turei still shows as co-leader and top ranked MP:


Turei still shows as co-leader on her Twitter account:


And the Greens on Facebook:


Still in shock? Or just reluctant to move on from Turei’s leadership?

There have been several Shaw only posts on Facebook…


…but the visible comments aren’t great.

The Greens have a lot to do to try to recover from this.

Shaw is trying to move them on: Shaw calls for calm, defends media

Mr Shaw said it had been “a tough week” for the Green Party caucus.

“Passions are running high. I think people need to breathe through their noses and steady the ship and just get on with the campaign.”

Some supporters have lashed out at media online, accusing reporters of hounding Mrs Turei out of Parliament.

But Mr Shaw said he had “absolutely no hard feelings” for the media.

“In my view, the media have just been doing their job. Some of the interviews have been really tough, but they should have been tough.

“People should just calm down and realise everyone’s just doing their job.”

Earlier in the week, MP Julie-Anne Genter criticised media coverage of the story as a “distraction”.

Greens are still distracted by matters that have to be dealt with.

The party’s executive is also weighing the future of MP Kennedy Graham.

Earlier this week Dr Graham and fellow MP David Clendon pulled their support for Mrs Turei.

Mr Clendon said some colleagues were still bitter.

“Certainly it’s painful at the moment. There is a lot of unease and some fairly raw feelings. We could equally be angry about some of what’s been thrown at us in the last few days.”

Dr Graham is applying to be put back on the party’s list, after he and Mr Clendon asked to be taken off earlier in the week.

Mr Shaw had initially shot down the idea, saying and said Dr Graham had lost his fellow MPs’ trust.

When they withdrew from the party list on Tuesday Shaw threatened to have them thrown out of the party.

But he said it was ultimately up to the party’s executive.

“The view of caucus would be that it would be tough for him to come back, but that is a decision for the executive,” Mr Shaw said.

He expected it would be several days before a decision.

RNZ understands there have already been objections to Dr Graham’s return from within the party’s wider membership.

The party split is still evident. It may take some time to tidy up the mess, but rancour is likely to remain.

Poll rumour worse for Greens

Steven Mills has just been talking about polls on RNZ (he’s from UMR).

He said their are rumours around that National’s tracking poll has Greens down to 4.8%.

He said that that is believable as the UMR poll with them down 7 to 8% was taken before Graham and Clendon resigned, and before Turei stepped down.

He thinks Greens should get back into Parliament, but they may be substantially smaller than they are now.

And following that James Shaw is being interviewed.

He says that it will be tough for either David Clendon or Kennedy Graham to return to the Green list now Turei has stepped down.

He said that Clendon has indicated he isn’t interested, but Graham is having discussions with the party.

Shaw says he feels he did the right thing in fully supporting Turei, and said she also had the full support of the Green caucus, but that is obviously inaccurate given that Clendon and Graham resigned in protest.

He is blaming the media for putting pressure on Turei and forcing her to step down.

Shaw says he will remain sole leader until the election and beyond, and unless something else intervenes the co-leadership won’t be addressed until the next party AGM next July. That would be extraordinary.

Green’s troubles aren’t over

Metiria Turei’s announcement that she will step down as co-leader of the Green Party yesterday may take some of the heat off their turmoil, but their problems are far from over.

They now have to try to cobble together a campaign for the election on 23 September – advance voting starts in a month, on 11 September.

James Shaw will be sole leader of the party for the rest of the campaign. He looked worn out over the last week trying to manage an escalating party crisis. He will have to try to step up and present a positive face. He has looked weak at times, he has to try to turn that around.

All the Green billboards may need attention. They feature both Shaw and Turei and the caption ‘Great Together’.

Their online presence also needs a makeover. This is now out of date:


That togetherness doesn’t look great now.

The normally slick Green machine seems to be in shock. Normally very active on social media, the seem to be MIA. Their website still shows Turei as co-leader and number one in their pecking order.

But the hardest part will be in wider media, trying to repair the damage and look a credible option for the rest of the campaign.  There is a real risk that the mainstream media will either keep highlighting their problems, or moving on to other parties.

Two polls reported yesterday had the Greens plummeting to 8%, barely half of recent highs. They were taken before Turei stepped down, and polls typically take a while to respond to what is happening in the news. They could bounce back a bit, but they could just as easily slip some more.

The Green image is very tarnished after Metiria’s mission gamble blew up on her and her party. Patching over the cracks – or chasms – in the party won’t be easy in the short timeframe left.

Shaw and the remaining Green MPs and candidates are also tainted, having backed Turei to the hilt on her no contrition stance, approving of Turei breaking the law in what are now dubious circumstances, and sending signals of approval that beneficiaries could justify breaking rules if they decided they were deserving of more taxpayer assistance.

Two MPs quit on principle over this and were attacked by party officials and on social media, and Shaw himself threatened to dump them from the party but later thought better of that.

Somehow the Green caucus and party has to save face with their staunch core of supporters, but also convince soft and floating voters that the party still has some principles and isn’t corrupted by double standards.

It’s hard to see them recovering much ground. They may hold where they are, below their 2014 election level of support. Or they could keep digging the hole that was started by Turei and then joined with jackhammers by the remaining green leader and caucus.

This has been a dramatic crash for the Greens, and it is mostly of their own doing through their self righteousness, their enbubbled vision, and their flawed championing of an entitlement syndrome.

This has been a Green disaster.

Should all Greens be ruled out of Labour Cabinet?

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern made it clear that Metiria Turei would not be considered for a position in a Labour cabinet due to Turei’s ongoing condoning of benefit fraud.

Co-leader James Shaw has said he fully supports Turei’s stance and won’t condemn benefit fraud. Should he also be ruled out of a cabinet position?

Kennedy Graham and David Clendon have chosen to step down rather than join the Green condoning of law breaking.

The other 10 Green MPs say they fully support Turei. Should they also be ruled out of any cabinet positions in a Labour led government?

Does this stance effectively rule the Green Party out of a coalition?

Green turmoil a massive bleeping blip

James Shaw is continuing to support Green co-leader Metiria Turei, and appears to be getting tough on the two MPs who have just removed themselves from the Green party list, threatening to suspend them from the party.

He seems oblivious to the damage being done to the party, and his actions are unlikely to help stem the bleeding.

RNZ:  Green Party in chaos after two MPs rebel

The Green Party is in chaos after the shock announcement by two of its MPs that they have lost confidence in co-leader Metiria Turei.

Speaking to media, Green Party co-leader James Shaw said he had a great deal of respect for both MPs but they could no longer stay on in the caucus.

“I’ll be moving a motion to suspend both of them from the Green Party caucus and I’ll be speaking to the executive about their membership of the Green Party and about formally removing them from the Green Party list.”

He says he has a great deal of respect for them and then in the same breath says he will make moves to formally suspend them from the Green caucus?

He acknowledged the situation was “messy” and apologised to party members for what had happened.

“I think this is just a blip”.

It’s a massive bleeping blip.

Dr Graham…

…said while he liked and respected Mrs Turei, he could not continue serving under her leadership.

He could not abide Mrs Turei’s comments appearing to condone other people breaking the law, he said.

“If that is party policy, I’m not in that party.”

Dr Graham said he first raised objections the night Mrs Turei made the admission while launching the party’s families’ package.

“The intent is not to damage the party,” Dr Graham told RNZ News. “The intention is… to seek to restore credibility and integrity.”

“It’s more in sorrow than anger. This is not an angry position.”

Mr Clendon…

…aid he made the decision with “genuine regret,” but believed Mrs Turei’s judgement was “flawed” in deciding to stay on.

The credibility of the whole party is now badly flawed.

More from Shaw from Stuff: James Shaw says MPs who quit put Greens election campaign at risk

Green co-leader James Shaw will move to suspend the two MPs who resigned and remove them from the party.

Shaw said the way in which the pair chose to go about their resignation was in violation of the Green Party values, and the party caucus felt betrayed by the way the pair had gone about quitting.

Supposed party values had already been trashed by Turei’s actions and admissions. Graham and Clendon seem to have become scapegoats for a Metiria created mess.

“I’m sorry to lose them. I respect the decision that Kennedy and Dave have made to remove themselves from the Green Party list and not to stand at the next election”.

“However, the way that they have chosen to go about it is strongly in violation of every Green Party norm, culture and process that we have.”

“What they are doing is placing the campaign at risk.”

The Green campaign was already in serious trouble.

Shaw said the caucus strongly backed Turei to continue.

“I have said all along that I supported Metiria’s choice to tell her story. I completely support what Metiria has done.”

Shaw acknowledged the situation was “messy” but said the party remained focused. He said the choice of Clendon and Graham to leave was not a sign the party was in meltdown.

“I think other political parties have been through a great deal worse than this … and come out healthy on the other side.”

Shaw is in La-La Land.

Green team – Shaw and Genter

Julie Anne Genter is joining James Shaw for a Green Party Business Breakfast.

Pre-Election Breakfast with James Shaw & Julie-Anne Genter

Green Party Co-Leader and Wellington Central candidate James Shaw and Associate Finance Spokesperson Julie-Anne Genter invites you to a breakfast briefing on the Greens economic policies.

Includes a delicious La Boca Loca breakfast burrito or empanada and bottomless coffee.

Thursday 17 August 2017
Biz Dojo  Level 1, 115 Tory Street,
Te Aro, Wellington

A credible looking Green business team.