Daily Covid-19 update

Covid-19 updates happen daily but there are no longer media conferences in the weekend, and I haven’t bothered posting on them every day with not much changing – yesterday the only change in main statistics was 12 more recovered..

Today may be of more interest with questions and hopefully clarifications on confusing rules under the Alert Level 2 lockdown we are switching to tonight. Funeral and tangi restrictions have become a controversial issue.

No new cases again today, so the total remains at 1,497 confirmed and probable cases.

No more deaths, still on 21 – there have been no deaths since 6 May, a week ago.

Another 12 recovered today (total now 1,402 which is 94% of cases), and still 2 people in hospital.

5,961 tests yesterday so no over 200,000 tests, about 4% of the population.

Jacinda Ardern:

Straight into the funeral and tangi issue. Government and Ministry of Health have been discussing this with funeral directors and Iwi leaders.

Funerals are events that cannot easily be postponed. There will still be restrictions but more may be said later in the  day about possible changes.

She then launches into a pre-budget speech. A lot of repeat phrases, but this time also talking about metaphorically moving from winter into spring, which is an odd thing to say as we head into winter.

This budget will be a ‘tailored solution to a specific situation’ – that is, a focus on Covid response.

“When times are hard you don’t cut, you invest”. “Our plan is to invest”.

“…We will strengthen the blanket of support that the state provides”.

“Team of five million” several times.

“Do we return to those settings or is now the time to find a better way?”

Questions lead on funerals which Ardern is well prepared for – working through and agile and incredibly tough and nothing new.

Bloomfield says the Ministry is working through solutions.

Protect but accommodate concerns somehow.

What Ardern said today is officially called  ​​​​​​​Prime Minister’s pre=Budget speech