US popular vote

If the Green Party challenge is unsuccessful Donald Trump has won where it counts in the Electoral College, but the current vote tally has Clinton ahead by more than 2 million votes overall.


However Trump has the highest vote ever for a Republican candidate.

The current numbers:

  • Clinton 64,418,125 (48.1%)
  • Trump 62,314,184 (46.5%
  • Others 7,168,364 (5.4%)

Politico reports on the possible challenge:

Among the potential steps to challenge the results on Wednesday was an announcement from Stein, often a strident Clinton critic, that she would seek to challenge the results in all three of the states if she raised the $2 million necessary to do so.

Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are traditionally Democrats states that fell into Trump’s column on Nov. 8, and Michigan’s story is similar, though it has yet to be officially called for Trump.

As of Thursday morning, Stein’s campaign had raised at least $2.5 million, according to multiple news reports.

But even if Stein were to raise enough money for the challenge before the states’ looming deadlines, it’s still a stretch: Clinton would need to win all three states in order to flip the Electoral College vote.

Stein’s call came shortly after the report that the group of experts had told Podesta and Elias they saw evidence that Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in Wisconsin counties that used electronic machines instead of paper ballots or optical scanners.

I think that Clinton is only about 70,000 votes short but would have to reverse the result in all three states to win the presidency. I think it ain’t going to happen.

There’s also talk that some of the Electoral Votes may be cast contrary to the state results but it would take quite a few to swap sides. And it would create an uproar, and potentially a political crisis.