Claim that Mediaworks engaged hitman for Campbell Live

In a very ironic post at Whale Oil Cameron Slater blasts Joe Trinder for a “concocted a story based on innuendo and gossip with no documentary proof” and then concocts a story based on innuendo with no documentary proof.


The tinfoil hat wearers at Mana News have concocted a story based on innuendo and gossip with no documentary proof, kind of like the Herald does as well. Joe Trinder, the union hack who wrote the article gets slammed in the comments.

Slater is fairly slow on that story, it’s two days old. But he then concocts a story of his own:

Not everyone will know that I had a secret meeting late last year with Mediaworks to talk about the future of media in NZ.

They came to learn.  It appears those at the meeting picked up the major points.

It is pleasing to see that things are working out as planned.

One by one I will make people who executed Dirty Politics against me realise that there are consequences for their decisions.

A claim as outlandish as Trinder’s. No documentary proof as per Trinder.

Who are we to believe?

I’m sure Mediaworks will be rapt with this, especially if there’s any truth to it – all media companies will be rushing to Slater for advice now.

UPDATE: And then Slater seems to contradict himself in Quote of the Day:

I don’t want to see it go. no journalist would ever want to see a current affairs show axed – but if it is axed, there is no-one to blame except the public. New Zealanders killed Campbell Live, because New Zealanders stopped watching.

It might be brutal but that is reality, not the lala land that Smalley usually inhabits along with her other pinko mates. But then again she is a “serious” journalist don’t you know.

If only the other media luvvies all wringing their hands over the Campbell Dead would learn these basic truths.

The Standard promotes proofless conspiracy

Joe Trinder claimed a bizarre conspiracy on Mana News, where he is editor. The site promotes John Minto and Hone Harawira, and it is also closely aligned to the Mana Party (Trinder was a Mana candidate last election).

ManaNewsHeadThe conspiracy is detail;ed in Trinder’s Key/Campbell conspiracy, which also shows Trinder’s response:

Mana News doesn’t have to substantiate our reveal it’s sources we don’t write balanced articles. We expose the national governments corruption the onus is on the media to do its job and prove us wrong.

This has been widely criticised, especially on the left. But some have chosen to support and promote this, like The Standard:

That has been posted under ‘Notices and Features’ – the author who put that up chose not to do it under their own pseudonym. While there is plenty of criticism there is no sign of concern from any authors so it must bee seen as acceptable – or perhaps Lynn Prentice is the one who posted it and no one is game to challenge him for doing it.

Promoting a conspiracy like this is bad enough, but it also breaks Standard rules.


We encourage robust debate and we’re tolerant of dissenting views. But this site run for reasonably rational debate between dissenting viewpoints and we intend to keep it operating that way.

Promoting bizarre conspiracies is not reasonably rational debate.

What we’re not prepared to accept are pointless personal attacks, or tone or language that has the effect of excluding others. We are intolerant of people starting or continuing flamewars where there is little discussion or debate. This includes making assertions that you are unable to substantiate with some proof (and that doesn’t mean endless links to unsubstantial authorities) or even argue when requested to do so.

The Standard has a post that promotes assertions that the claimant has refused to substantiate. They flaunt their own rules.

Such comments may be deleted without warning or one of the alternatives below may be employed. The action taken is completely up to the moderator who takes it.

But that explains why – hypocrisy is completely up to the moderators, and authors, and The Standard.

Most of the comments are dubious or outright critical of Trinder, but criticism of the willing Standard complicity in promoting a conspiracy lacking any evidence is understandably muted.

Even the criticisms of Trinder are turned into more bizarre – this from Sacha.

Trinder claims John Key appointed Weldon as CEO of (private company) Mediaworks. That’s stupid enough on its own for me to not accept any of his other reckons without evidence.

That’s a sensible assessment.

We don’t need some weird conspiracy to explain what’s going on here – it’s a logical outcome of legislating our media to run as a market. The cure is a law change, not tinfoil.

But he wants law change? Laws for what, dictating what private media companies can and can’t do?

And a few are defending Trinder. Weka (a Green supporter and one of the Standard’s most prolific commenters):

I find it entirely credible as a theory. Allowing for differences in use of language (change ‘appointed’ to ‘manipulated the appointment), how is it impossible that Key used his influence to get the CEO he wanted?


Some posts on the article that have been deleted,

A point from Trinder about all these people suddenly concerned about Mana News’ reputation and credibility who’ve never read the site before.

No concern shown about controlling the message type censorship, just making unsubstantiated claims about those who have been censored.

Mana Support Marty Mars replied:

So true that – I wonder about some of the motivations of some who hardly ever read Mana News and now have come out of the woodwork with their righteous proofing – if I was paranoid I’d say some are going into payback – or maybe just putting the boot in because the opportunity is there – oh look how arrrwful that Mana Movement is – such ungrateful poos after all the ‘respect’ we gave them, look they are nothing but losers haw haw haw – and that’s just the so called lefties.

He (like some others) also tries to divert criticism to John Key:

yep key lies, lies and lies again and even when it is on the news and everyone is jumping and pumping – nothing, key slides out. This particular story is pure key – it smells for sure but the focus of some goes onto Mana – same as it ever was.

He had previously posted:

PROOF, show. me. the. proof, now!!! show me the proof now!!! show it to me!!! meanwhile all the proof for a million lies and distortions are in BliPs list and what has happened – nowt and why??? – get that and the left might get somewhere in the next election.

Might be true, sounds trueish, hope it’s true, but proof – nah that’s not how the game works anymore.

That was challenged by Bill but Mars

“where no verification or thought is required and where such ‘niceties’ sink below the fetid surface of a world comprising of nowt but a churning of senseless bullshit.”

good description of the current truths put to us by MSM and politicians.

the truth and proof are slippery tuna wiggling in water

I saw the article and decided early on not to link to it in OM because I felt it had holes and would raise more questions than it answered – and it has – but I support Joe and what he has done.

More diversion, an admission the claims ‘had holes’, but support of “Joe and what he has done” anyway.

Without any evidence the conspiracy claims look like nonsense, The Standard willingly promotes the stupidity and it’s supporters – like Weka and Marty Mars – defend and divert and support this lame attempt at dirty politics.

They are usually a lot more robust in their criticism of this sort of dirty and baseless blogging if it’s on Whale Oil. They strongly criticised Colin Craig for much more vague connections with conspiracies.

But it’s different if someone on the left does it – the Standard bearer of the Labour left even promotes it.

More on Trinder’s naive attempt at dirty politics

Joe Trinder (editor of Mana News) has posted a number of  responses to what largely looks like left versus left following his  Key: I want that left wing bastard gone post.

Mana News doesn’t have to substantiate our reveal it’s sources we don’t write balanced articles. We expose the national governments corruption the onus is on the media to do its job and prove us wrong.

There is no onus on the media to prove crank conspiracy claims wrong.

I’m comfortable with the public being skeptical because I haven’t revealed my source. Here is what won’t happen –John Key’s lawyers won’t demand I repeal the article on defamation because they know a New Zealander out there that can testify to hearing the comment.

Is that an attempt to make Key ignoring this tosh as some sort of indication of guilt?

Burger King decided to resume its advertising with Mediaworks due to my article that’s good –the letter Burger King sent to Campbell live and Mark Weldon that didn’t express that sentiment. Maybe Burger King would be willing to publicly release the email and the response and prove me wrong.

The two roughly coincide, time-wise. I’m not sure it was in response to Joe’s ‘article’.

As a whistle blower Mana News often has to expose the truth and protect our sources if your skeptical of this article we have no obligation to offer conclusive evidence and that’s fine I make no apologies. The onus is on the mainstream media to prove me wrong that was the objective of this article.

The many critics talking about Mana News reputation or credibility or how disappointed they are who have never read Mana News until today your concerns don’t seem genuine.

He has got the some of the attention he was seeking but not the sort of attention he wanted.

In response to “Shifting the burden of proof (prove me wrong or I am right) is a logical fallacy. You’re really letting down Mana, the opposition and John Campbell with this sort of unsubstantiated rubbish.”

So this is the first time you have read Mana News and your concerned about Mana’s reputation.

And you expect anyone to believe that?

Who made up this mystery code of ethics Mana News needs to meet your expectations

Your opinion that we need to reveal our source is only an opinion.

90% plus of the response has been highly sceptical and critical, although the blog that says they ban people for not providing proof of claims has promoted Trinder’s tosh. That’s Standard hypocrisy. And a regular commenter there, Clemgeopin, joins the Trinder train wreck.

The two claims made (Key wanting Campbell sacked and Burger King threatening to cut ads due to Zero Hour contract stories) are quite explosive. If untrue, then, why don’t 
[1] Key take a defamatory action against the claim.
[2] Burger King issue a statement stating that they did not send any such email ?

If untrue why don’t they ignore them. They are highly dubious claims backed by zero evidence and nearly as little credibility.

Trinder’s Key/Campbell conspiracy

Mana News editor Joe Trinder has made some ‘claims in Key: I want that left wing bastard gone:

Last year Prime Minister John Key and Mark Weldon had a phone conversation in regards to John Campbell.  Mr Key was overheard saying “I want that left wing bastard gone”. The prime minister had insidiously conspired with Mark Weldon to end John Campbell’s broadcasting career and have Campbell live taken off the air.

That someone overheard a phone conversation between between John Key and Mark Weldon is a bit of an odd claim. There must be some evidence. Or at least a credible witness.

Mark Weldon’s crony appointment as the CEO of media works was made by John Key.

That’s just as bizarre. Mediaworks is a privately owned company and I’m not aware of any evidence that Key has any financial or management connection.

After the Campbell live exposed the exploitative Zero Hours contracts a letter was sent from Burger King to Campbell live and Mark Weldon was mysteriously CC’d into the email.  The email was from someone at Burger King who obviously has a relationship with Mark Weldon. Burger King has used its influence to help terminate the  Campbell Live show.

Another weird claim with no evidence.

The decision was made by the National party caucus with strong influence from former radio works CEO MP Steven Joyce. This is another attempt by the National government to control the media and any criticism of its policies.

So the National caucus is ion the board of directors of Mediaworks? Yeah right.

So where is the evidence? Trinder appears to have been asked on Facebook:


This is one of the dumbest attempts at a political hit job I’ve seen. Winston Peters might get away with this sort of thing but Trinder’s trash talk has even been treated with dismay at The Standard – I want that left wing bastard gone – why ‘Notices and Features’ wanted to associate The Standard with this is, ah, interesting.

But maybe not surprising, given this comment from Te Reo Putake:

Well, this is rubbish, isn’t it? I’m reminded about the discussion here on the weekend about corruption. The takeaway from that chat is that whenever the left makes overblown and unprovable allegations like this, we look weak and it makes the right stronger.

I agree, it does look like rubbish, especially after Trinder’s ‘prove me wrong’ response. It’s ironic that Putake can see rubbish claims from others but is oblivious to his own – unless of course he does it deliberately.

I don’t agree that this makes ‘the right’ stronger.

But overblown and unprovable allegations that are rife on the left do make them look like wallies – in this instance at Mana News and at The Standard.

Trinder is a unionist and socialist who stood for Mana in Manukau East last election.

And is a wishful thinker.

 So, you’re the liberal equivalent of Whale Oil, and post whatever you want with no evidence or actual facts to support?

No I protect my sources I leave it to the Mainstream media to investigate to prove me wrong.

So far the media don’t appear to have picked up on Trinder’s lame attempt at dirty politics.

The New Zealand media dictatorship

That’s the headline at News Mana which features:

John Minto: We Need Kiwi Socialism

Hone Harawira: The fight never dies

Is this a spoof site? A recent post:Waitangi a ban on Burgers not Burkha Mana News editor Joe Trinder

At Waitangi this year  Kingi Taurua the paramount Chief of Ngati Rahiri at Te Tii Marae has come out saying David Rankin has misheard the announcement there is a ban on Burgers not Burqa especially triple cheese burgers with fries. The leadership at Waitangi want better food choices but are willing to consider burgers if they are healthy

And now: The New Zealand media dictatorship

Eleanor Catton has managed to reveal the mechanism of the National party media dictatorship this could be extremely dangerous for the survival of our democracy. According to Sean Plunkett you are not permitted to criticise the National government its unpatriotic and against the people of New Zealand.

Too many reporters within journalism have intimate relationships with the national party that are a conflict of interest designed to mislead the New Zealand public.

These reporters are holding back real journalists like Andrea Vance.

It is unnatural for the press gallery to be uncritical of a seven year old government. The Prime minister office is pouring to many resources into dirty politics and controling the media and little effort to tackle the housing crisis or poverty reduction.


The New Zealand Herald is a strong part of the National party media strategy.

Spotted at Kiwiblog: Mana’s conspiracy theory

Is Mana News competition for The Civilian?

Key ‘lying’ versus Mana accusations

Internet and Mana campaigners are shitting in the campaign nest, then crying foul.

There’s an interesting comparison of posts at The Daily Blog. In one Martyn Bradbury blasts John Key for ‘lying’

What’s worse than Key lying about Internet MANA effigy burning on Breakfast TV?

The shrill scream of the right at trying to paint Internet MANA as some sort of fascist movement would be laughable if it wasn’t actually being promoted by the mainstream media.

No attempt is made to substantiate the accusation  the John Key lied about anything, although Laila Harre has also promoted the lie claim.

“The Prime Minister cast a slur and told a lie on your programme yesterday,” she said.

“You presented that video to the Prime Minister and you knew from your research, or should have known from your research, that it had no relationship with the internet Party.”

The effigy-burning video appears to have been first posted on a Facebook page called National Party Billboard Makeovers, which features pictures of defaced National Party hoardings.

TVNZ aren’t apologising.

However, although a TVNZ spokeswoman confirmed last night that a complaint had been received from Internet-Mana, “we’re not making an apology”.

Mr Christie had not suggested any connection between Internet-Mana and the video, she said.

“It was the PM who made this association”.

And neither is John Key but he has explained further.

Mr Key later said he was “not in the slightest” worried about the threat of legal action over his comments.

Asked whether he thought Mr Dotcom was behind the effigy-burning video, Mr Key said: “I don’t honestly know. That was the way it was indicated.

“My broader comments were really around the one that internet-Mana put up on their site that they actively encouraged people to watch, and look, in the end New Zealanders will judge whether that’s all positive.”

Harre’s Internet Party left itself wide open to being connected to less savoury campaign tactics after it promoted an abusive video featuring Kim Dotcom with a chanting crowd – a video that Harre defended.

Now she is complaining that an association is made with another video showing similar chants.

Immediately below the ‘lying’ post at The Daily Blog is a featured guest post by Mana Party candidate Joe Trinder:

GUEST BLOG: Joe Trinder – National still destroying billboards? 

This post makes no attempt to back up the headline accusation.

DailyBlog hypocrisy


The Daily Blog is strongly promoting the Mana Party, the Internet Party and Internet Mana, led by Martyn Bradbury.

Both Bradbury and Harre seem to be so wound up in campaign attack mode they fail to see their double standards and hypocrisy.

Internet and Mana are dishing it out but taking offence when it’s thrown back at them. They’re reaping what they are sowing, and crying foul when they are the substantialy behind the fould wind to blow over this election campaign.