Junior doctors strike

Junior doctors are starting a two day strike today.

NZ Herald: 3000 junior doctors across the country go on strike

A strike has begun at 7am this morning, withdrawing the services of around 3000 resident doctors across the country.

District health board doctors who are members of the Resident Doctors Association are striking for 48 hours, from 7am today until 7am on Thursday.

The junior doctors said they were having to work 12 consecutive days with some of the shifts being up to 16 hours long, which was unsafe for patients and too tiring for them.

A spokeswoman for the country’s 20 district health boards has said the 12 days comprise five week days, a weekend and the following five week days. The DHBs are willing to give two days off on week days but the junior doctors want to be paid for them, which is effectively a pay rise.

Junior doctors are a critical part of our health system. Money will always be a problem in providing health care, but safety of the doctors and their patients should be a priority.