Gun club burnt down, bomb threats

This is a disturbing development: Kaitaia gun club burns down

Northern fire communications shift manager Scott Osmond said crews were called to the Kaitaia Gun Club on Okahu Downs Rd at 4.15am.

He said a small building about the size of a double garage had burnt down.

Mr Osmond said an investigation into the fire is getting under way.

Police said in a statement that there were no injuries and it was not yet clear if the fire was suspicious. Police are making enquiries.

And this:

Nutters and overreactions are sad but inevitable after major tragedies and crimes.

Closing an airport

Try closing an airport as a protest and see how long it takes for something to be done about it.

Stuff reports: Kaitaia Airport protesters trespassed, five arrested

Ngati Kahu’s two-day occupation of Kaitaia Airport has ended with five protesters being arrested.

Northland police served trespass orders to the activists about 2pm on Wednesday.

About 15 demonstrators were on airport grounds at that time and many of them chose to leave, police said.

Five of the protesters, one woman and four men, remained behind and were arrested for trespass. They will appear in the Kaitaia District Court on Wednesday, September 17.

Far North Area Commander Inspector Wendy Robilliard said the time had come for police to take action. Police had earlier tried to negotiate with the occupiers to resolve the situation.

Robilliard said everyone had the lawful right to protest, but this group had chosen to act unlawfully, which meant police needed to step in.

The arrests happened the day after the closure of the airport.

One organiser John Popata told TV3 News the group was “pissed off” at Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Chris Finlayson for not visiting them for discussions. “We will fight for ever and ever.”

I think there may be quite a few people quite pissed off at the disruption caused by Mr Popata and hios fellow protesters.

I can imagine quite a few people being quite annoyed that their travel plans were disrupted. Medical specialists were also prevented from landing at Kaitaia.

Disturbing attack on Harawira’s office

Hone Harawira’s electorate office in Kaitaia has had shots fired at it. MSN News reports:

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira says shots have been fired through the window of his Kaitaia office.
“I get threatened with violence and I get death threats but when somebody starts taking shots at my office than that’s another matter altogether,” he said.

“It’s life-threatening and I hope the police catch the perpetrators soon.”

“Politics can be a tough game and you can get hardened against some of the nasty and mean-spirited attacks against you,” he said on Tuesday night.

“But shooting into an office without knowing who might be inside is more than scary.”

Stuff also reported this but it was the third item in their Today in Politics:

The main street office was reportedly peppered with bullet holes which a spokesperson for Harawira said were thought to have been caused by shots fired from an air rifle.

Harawira told 3 News he was not sure when office was targeted and said he was worried about the safety of his staff.

Oddly I can’t find this on the 3 News website.

If an (alleged) attack like this happened to an office of John Key or David Cunliffe it’s hard to imagine so little media attention on it.

Harawira is right, politics can be mean spirited and nasty. He has a history of being abusive and provocative. In 2009 he said Phil Goff “and his mates should be lined up against a wall and shot” – see ‘Goff should be shot’ – Harawira’s latest gaffe

But regardless of Harawira’s past the actual firing of shots like this is very disturbing.